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Q: Tell us about yourself?

A: My name is Daniel Iroegbu. I'm an actor and I've been in the entertainment industry for about eight years. If I'm not mistaken, I've done some jobs and movies, stage drama and radio jingles. I was born 28 September, 1981 and I attended schools in both Imo and Abia State before going into theatre arts in Port Harcourt.

Q: In what movies have you featured?

A: I've featured in Evil Altar I and 2; Heaven's Grace I and 2; Try and See 1 and 2; High Timothy in which I played a major role. I've also featured in soap operas that include Super Story, Enough is Enough Part 3, Kopiko and Neighbours, Crossroads and several others.I can't remember all but I've also done stage dramas like Toy Soldier Boy Soldiers which won the best stage drama at the All Africa Games. I also worked with the National Association of Nigerian Theatre Arts Practitioners in 2004/2005 on Epitaph of Simon Esugo and I featured in a play by Ahmed Yerima, Aeyetu in 2007. This year, my last stage drama is Return of the Golden Sword where I played the role of a city chief. The play was written by Tina Mba.

Q: How would you describe your career so far?

A: I will say it has not been easy but God has kept me going. I give Him all the glory because without God, I don't know where I will be today.

Q: What are the challenges that come with your chosen career?

A: The challenges are generally financial because you need to be financially buoyant to package yourself, but I thank God because so many times when the going got tough, God had always kept me going.

Q: Can you tell us the worst moment in your career?

A: Well, I love acting, I've never been sad for a day, but if there is a day or moment I can describe as bad, that will be when I started. Then, I did not have money but now things are falling into place and I give God the glory.

Q: How do you handle stardom?

A: Stardom is one of the best things in entertainment. I remember when I performed at the All Africa Games, I was mobbed at the Abuja National Stadium and I didn't feel bad because it is part of entertainment and the security men had to help me out of the stadium. When I travelled to the East, on my way back to Lagos, people were all over me. I just give God the glory for making me attain this level of success.

Q: It is obvious that you receive a lot of phone calls, how do you cope?

A: Yes, I never rest because people don't let me be, even when they don't have anything important to say. But these things make me happy. I even get calls from as far as Japan.

Q: How do you handle advances from ladies?

A: Well it's part of life, since I started acting, girls come around. They call from all parts of the country saying they want to be friends with me. Some are casual and platonic friends, but you know, you can't keep them all.

Q: Why are you not involved in a serious relationship?

A: You know it's very hard to find true love. After two heartbreaks, I don't trust ladies any more but I know I will get the type of girl I'm looking for; a very humble, sincere lady and she must be a graduate of either Business Administration or Economics. She must also be tall, pretty and light.

Q: Has your size ever had a negative impact on your career?

A: That was when I did not know my potential, but when I realised how great I can be, my height has never been a problem.

Q: Who are your mentors in the movie industry?

A: I appreciate many people in terms of movie comedy. I really like Mr. Ibu, John Okafor. In theatre arts and drama, I like Makinde Adeniran; he was the Assistant Director of Return of the Golden Sword.

Q: Do you have any friends in the movie industry?

A: Yes, Julius Agwu is like my big brother; Tina Mba is also like my mother. Niyi Akanni, director of the Return of the Golden Sword has been my best director so far. My friends also include the late Abagana, Kingsley Ogbona a.k.a. David, Nobert Young, Nkem Owoh and my best friend, Musa Ibrahim.

Q:Where do you see yourself ten years from now?

A: In the next ten years, I know I will be one of the superstars in theatre, movies and radio; and before then, I must have settled down with the woman of my dreams.

Q: What message do you have for your fans?

A: Let them keep watching and supporting me. I will not disappoint them. For those who are aspiring to get into Nollywood, they should remain focused because the industry is full of challenges.

Ayodele Campbell.