By Alonge Michael
Martyn Great
Martyn Great
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If Sir Arthur Guinness, the Irish brewer who founded Guinness Brewery had been alive today to witness what this fast-rising R&B/Hip Hop Nigerian artist has done with their brand, a laurel would have, probably, been awarded to him for his sense of creativity in composing a song entitled 17:59, one of the giant brewer's trademarks. Martins Italume a.k.a. Martyn Great, though, might have done this very rich content lyrically out of oblivion, his purpose of selling the brand to the entire public without any financial commitment from the Guinness Plc still remains a mystery to those who have listened to the song.

Mr. 17:59, as he's now been referred to, after the release of the promo copy in virtually all the night clubs in the city and radio stations is said to be making grand effort to take his 17:59's song beyond the shores of this country as it's a brand that is synonym to relaxation.

“Six O'clock is the official closing hour for some organizations in Nigeria, and once it's 17:59, a lot of people are getting ready to leave the office to their various destinations or homes. While some go to a joint to unwind, some may just go home and meet their family but all the same, by 17:59, which is a minute to 6:00pm is believed to be the time of freedom, freedom from the loads of work in the office, freedom from attending to visitors etc.” He was said to have explained the concept behind his17:59 song.

Martyn Great, the Lagos born but a native of Edo State who started his music career in year 2004, has performed in so many concerts and shows within and outside Lagos State. The Statistics OND Holder from the Federal Polytechnic, Auchi, who is prepared to make a career in the fast-growing entertainment industry in Nigeria has been telling anyone who cares to listen that, the 17:59 single which has been lauded by stakeholders in the industry is just a tip of the iceberg as he intends to release other chart-buster songs in a couple of weeks.

Like a tree that cannot make a forest, the success story of this tall and handsome songster lies on Rich Rockers Entertainment, an entertainment outfit headed by the indefatigable man about town, Mr. Pius Bankong, popularly known as Mr. P.
This undaunted dude, Mr. Pius, we gathered, has promised to take this song to an enviable position as he has placed Segun Agbede and other top artistes to the pinnacle of success musically.

However, if the management of the giant brewer, Guinness Plc fails to appreciate what this young dynamite has done with their brand then the effort is worthless.
Meanwhile, the success and the dreams of becoming a household name lie on his destiny and of course, the Rich Rockers Family under whose label he operates.