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Budding actress, Oluwatoyin Akorede, recently graduated from the ANTP's Odunfa Caucus Training Institute. In this chat with us, she spoke about her foray into Nollywood, among other issues

Q: As one of the most sought after budding actresses, especially in ANTP, what have been your challenges?
A: So far, my major challenge has been how to convince my colleagues in the industry that I have something to offer. It has not been easy but with hardwork, commitment and concentration, I have made a statement to my credit. Due to the way my peers and I in Odunfa Caucus (of ANTP) were trained, I am finding it very easy to pave my way to the top and very soon, I shall get there.

Q: That should be a long journey and an enormous task. But it seems you are desperate to cut corners to achieve that?
A: (Cuts in) No. I am not desperate. I don't intend to cut corners. Already, I have built a name for myself and I am a leader among my peers. Some of the films I have featured in can speak for me and senior colleagues in the industry now have the conviction that I can do it.

Q: How many films have you featured in?
A: I have lost count for now, but I can remember that I acted in Sabaabi, Omotola, Eye Ega and Baba Cherokee, to mention but a few.

Q: Who actually introduced you into the industry?
A: It was a senior colleague of mine, Kehinde Adeyemi (a movie producer and actor) that discovered and brought me to limelight. Later on, I joined the Odunfa Caucus where I recently graduated with 150 others.

Q: How many times have you been sexually harassed?
A: I have never been harassed sexually because I don't lobby for roles.

Q: Are you trying to say there is no sexual harassment in the industry?
A: It is obvious, but I have not been harassed sexually.

Q: Is it because male colleagues don't find you attractive?
A: That is not true. Men find me very attractive and it is not as if they don't call for my attention, but I treat them like siblings and make them understand that it is unprofessional to 'open your legs' to be given roles in movies. I see no reason to be denied a script if I can deliver it well. This is one of the reasons I like Kehinde Adeyemi. He is not that kind of person. He would even advise you as a budding actress to convince people with the best of your talents and not 'gracing beds'.

Q: What part of your body do you cherish most and what drives men crazy about you?
A: I love my face so much and my lips drive men crazy all the time. It is the type that any man would love to kiss.

Q: So what has been your driving force and how do you intend to achieve your aim in the industry?
A: God is my driving force and the encouragement I get from people is highly motivational. I intend to achieve my aim in the industry by applying my academic knowledge to my profession. Currently, I am a 300 Level Creative Arts student of the University of Lagos.