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Bimbo Akintola
Bimbo Akintola
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Star actress, Bimbo Akintola, played another lead role in a film titled “Freedom In Chains,” a film produced by Nollywood concept productions with UNFPA. She spoke about her experience, her emotional roles and other issues

Q: Bimbo, how was the film, “Freedom In Chains” conceptualised?
A: I am part of Nollywood Concept Productions so the project is ours.

Q: Why the choice of violence against womanhood?
A: Well, we at the Nollywood Concept Productions, are not about entertainment, we also think about educating and informing people and I think that is the most important thing on the mind of everybody. A lot of people think actors are only to be seen or heard on the screen and the fame too but we have passion to educate too. This is our way of correcting the ills of the society.
That is why we came together to do a movie. In doing this, we chose topics that are meaningful and help to make a change.

Q: Judging from your role in the Jimi Odumosu's film titled, “The Mourning After” and your role in this film “Freedom in Chains” don't you think you are being stereotyped on your roles?
A: That is not true, The Mourning After is about a widow, an educated woman married for 20 years with two children.
You know that she is a cardiologist with two children. When her husband died, the family alleged that she killed him. But this is about 'Elija,' a girl that grew up in the village and the only time she got attention was when she was married to Melford Okiro for seven years.
She was raped constantly from the beginning of the film till almost the end. That did not happen to the widow. So, they are two different stories.

Q: How do you fit into the character?
A: In as much as I believe in the character, and I believe in what I am doing, it is never difficult for me. I become the character.

Q: Can you compare your experience in the “Mourning After” and this new film?
A: In the “Mourning After,” I fell in love with the character and the same thing happened in “Freedom in Chains.” I fell in love with the character. Maybe why you are saying that the two look alike is that they are sending messages. The lesson in The Mourning After is that let's treat widows with kindness while the message in Elija's case is about treating the woman well.

Q: You cry a lot in your films, how emotional are you?
A: Well, I love crying. I think in real life, I can at times get emotional and at times I can always be myself. It depends on my mood. At times, when I see people enjoying on television, I am always near tears.

Q: Of late, your face has not been prominent on the screen. Are you being choosy?
A: Yes, you are right. Don't you think it is time one becomes choosy? At least I have come of age and it is time to change some things. If I don't believe in a script or the character, I will not accept the script no matter the money.
Time has come in Nollywood for actresses to play the characters they believe in. And they should act a script because it educates. Yes. I am being choosy for now.

Q: It seems that there is a lull in Nollywood of late. Why is this so?
A: For me, I believe Nollywood is growing. I think the mistake people make is by comparing Nollywood with Hollywood or Bollywood. Nollywood is just between 15 to 16 years old. For God' sake we are young. Hollywood is over 100 years old. Give us some time. I can assure you that after a time, you will be able to recognise the good from the bad ones.
Let me put it this way, everybody is acting because others are doing it but with time, we will separate the grains from the chaff.

Q: What other plan do you guys have apart from this new film?
A: This is just the beginning for us. I am always interested in any flick that is educative. I am passionate about women. I am passionate about education.

Q: Are we expecting a kind of NGO from Bimbo Akintola soon?
A: Let Nollywood Concept Promotions grow first. I will decide on what to do.

Q: There was a story making the rounds that you were about to get married. How soon is this?
A: To whom? Oh! They said I was getting married to Kalu. If I say this, nobody will believe but let's leave that for now.

Q: Are you having an affair?
A: (Laughter). I am not dating Kalu.

Q: So, when are you getting married?
A: As soon as the right man comes my way. God's time is the best.

Q: There is this allegation that women are sexually abused in Nollywood. How true is this?
A: Nollywood is part of the society. I can tell you sincerely that I have never been harassed by anybody. It has never happened to me.
Maybe because of the way I entered the industry. I started with Wole Fanikayode's Family Ties. From there, I was invited to Out of Bounds, Owo Blow and others. Well, to those of you who are out there, if any director does that, come out and mention the name.
It is time we put a stop to it. If you are being harassed by a producer or director say it loud. Call the name.

Q: Have you made money from Nollywood?
A: Well, maybe I have to change my attitude because to me, acting is not about making money. If I have to ask, is money even enough? Acting, to me, is about passion.