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The singing duo of KC Presh, Kingsley and Precious, winners of the maiden edition of Star Quest young talents music competition in 2002, are now planning big for their marriage.
Take it or leave it. The rave artists plan to perform their wedding same day and bring the city of Lagos to a standstill. It is also being speculated that the wedding bell may toll by the next birthday anniversary day of the cross_over music stars this June.

Precious, the petit looking half of KC Presh, who served in the just concluded screening and selection panel for this year's Star Quest talent show, speaks on the prospect of marriage and the impact KC Presh have made in the music scene, since winning Star Quest about six years ago.
Excerpts By Richard Eghaghe.

How do you feel as member of the screening and selection panel of Star Quest 2008?

I feel good. I'm happy to be involved because I once went through the process. Now I have grown to become a star, using the platform provided by Star Quest.

I can now determine a good talent in music. I believe everybody has in him, that thing that can make him or her, a star.

If you are to take your mind back to 2002, how was the exercise like?

In 2002, we had talents. We had people who could do it real hot. It was like a clash of talents at the time. Right now, the talents are not as much because people think music is just what anybody can do.

They don't know that enough skill is required in doing it. The turn out for the competition then, was much but not as much as we are witnessing today and there were more talents. Now every Tom, Dick and Harry that watches MTV base, channel O or watch musical videos, just want to come and queue, believing he or she can do something like music.

When they see an artist living big, they think it is a day's job. They think it 's every body that can sing because we all sing in church to glorify God or individually to sooth the soul. Doing music takes more than just singing. You must be talented to do it.

What has actually kept you and Kingsley together as KC Presh?

We've been together for nine years now. Our staying power is understanding, tolerance, love and respect for one another. We both set out on a mission and that we are yet to accomplish it. We started it together and we must accomplish it together.

We have only just started. We have that illusion that if one person can kill 10,000, two persons can do it faster and easier. That spirit is behind us and it keeps us going for the kill.
You started out with a music-comedy album, today, you have gone into rap, R&B, dance hall and

What have you. How are you able to transform your music?

KC Presh is known for been versatile. We flow with the tide because we are talented. We follow the trend and the time, what's in vogue, what's obtainable, what the people want and deliver the way it should be. We are not just pinned down to something.

It all has to do with talent. It flows with time and tide. We do a lot of stuff and produce global sound.

Are you now set for your marriage?

Yes, we are working on it and we are praying too because when it comes to that aspect of life, it's only God that can really show the way. So we have been praying and praying and praying, so that God will do it for us.

Definitely, we are going to marry, but I don't know who I'm getting married to. I want to tell you that God has a plan for us. That is how far I can go and we are working very hard on it too.

Is marriage something you have to 'work very hard' on as a popular artist?

Ah! Women projects? You have to work very hard on it, man. It's not that we don't have people we role out with and intend to get married to.

We do. But we are not telling you that we are getting married to this person or that person because we don't know yet, we are not God. Left alone, I might want to do that. What if God says “no”. so we leave the matter in Gods hand and continue to pray for his grace.

When you say people you role out with, what do you mean?

I simply mean two person. one woman for me and one for my partner. I don't mean a whole lot of people. And for God sake, I want us to put this issue of marriage aside. I don't intend talking about my private life.

I don't want to get my spouse involved in any discussion with the press. I'm loud enough and I don't want anything around me, my spouse, my family, my siblings, to be dragged in. I beg, the marriage thing, lets live it for God.

Well, what about taking an assessment of the music industry?

The industry, definitely is growing rapidly and it's fast becoming a global thing. Nigerian artists are beginning to get recognized all over the world now. So it's a thing of joy that you go out to other countries and you are treated like the star that you are.

Where you trying to tell the world that you have made some big bucks in music with your latest album: “Sege Menge” or what?

Oh! “Sege Menge” means anything nice; anything 'blende, blende'; everything good, lovely and very well in order. Anything that has to do with good thing is “Sege Menge”. What we are trying to say in essence is that money makes the world go round. If you have money, everything around you, comes in place.

You don't have to start stressing yourself like when you don't have the money. So what we are saying is that if you don't have money, work hard and you are going to have money but be careful. It has nothing to do with us or how much we have made in music.

What have you to say about Star Quest and Nigerian Breweries that brought you to the limelight?

First and foremost I want to thank God and Nigerian Breweries for coming into the lives of KC Presh. If not for God that brought Nigerian Breweries, even though there could have been another way, the journey was made easier.

If there is any other person that is contesting the Star Quest and he is serious, they can also ride on the platform to stardom because we did this same Star Quest and here we are. KC Presh is big and all thanks to God.