By Ebun Babalola
Patrick and Iretiola Doyle
Patrick and Iretiola Doyle
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Patrick and Iretiola Doyle are two entertainers who are husband and wife doing the same job make great impact in today's entertainment industry.
Ireti the amiable wife of entertainment guru, Patrick Doyle and whose experiences as actress and broadcaster spans over a decade shares intimate details about her relationship and expliots in the industry with Ebun Babalola. Enjoy it;

How did you come into the entertainment industry?

I came into the entertainment industry as an amature actress. I debuted professionally in 1995. After my training as a broadcaster and television producer, I began to produce my own show in 2000. My first production is the fashion show called Oge. As a broadcaster, I have presented all kinds of show on TV.

But you have not been presenting Oge for sometime now?

It's not true. It's never stopped. It has been on for the past seven years. We are currently on three TV stations including DSTV.

Your rise in the entertainment industry was fast. What's the secret?

The grace of God, because if you had asked me to draw eleven years ago and write out the template for my life, I would have won my Oscar by now. All of my successes would have been in acting.

Eleven years ago, I didn't see myself as a TV personality. So, it's God. I have since come to the realisation that my entire career has been governed by God and to some extent, diligent on my own part.

How is your educational background?

I have a first degree in Theatre Art from the University of Jos and a diploma in Mass Communication from the same school.

Could you recall some embarrassing moments in the course of doing your job?

I have them all the time. At times when you are anchoring an event, you forget the person's name. The most embarrassing situation is when you mispronounce your guests' name or going blank on TV.

There are situations where you are conducting a live interview, your mind goes blank, you don't remember the next word per se. But like I said, I have been trained very well and I have learnt how not to make such mistakes.

...And the challenges of the job?

I wished I could be paid a whole lot more. But I thank God for the much that I earn currently and really would like to see the situation where Nollywood creates tougher roles for female. I don't like the way Nollywood portrays women. We are either witches or bitched.

If you find a successful female character, she is successful because she connived, killed, or played the role of a prostitute.

I like to see stronger female characters whose choices and successes within the setting of the film don't depend on a man. I would like to see a female character who is consistently strong and successful just because she is hard working, diligent and smart.

You are a co-presenter of Today on STV while your husband is the Producer cum Director, couldn't some one else produce the programme?

I don't think there is anything wrong for me to co-present a programme that my husband is the producer. When you have the saviour in Bethlehem, why must you go to Judea, looking for the saviour.

I co-present today on STV because I know I have what it takes to present the programme. I could have chosen to present it alone but it's good to share power sometimes.

But you cannot know people' mind?

Since the maiden edition of the programme till date, there has been no complaints from anybody and that is the way, you will know that people really like the faces they have been seeing.

Talking about your husband, why did you opt for a man in the same field?

What are you doing in a marriage with someone you cannot relate with or who you don't share the same value with, it is a recipe for disaster. You must marry someone who you share the same value with, respect, understand what you are, who you are and the way you are. Marriage is a partnership.

What really made you to accept him?

His mind. I have learnt so much from him. He has a very rich mind.

Is your husband romantic?

Yes, he is romantic in his own way. He is not mushy, mushy, but he knows how he treats me. He treats me right.

How do you know he really loves you?

He tells me every single day and I'm in no doubt that my husband loves me.

Don't you think he is just sweet mouthing you?

He doesn't have to say it by mouth, after all I'm his wife and we live together. We've been married for the past seven years. So, he doesn't have to impress me. I've been fat, skinny, ugly and pretty, he's seen it all, there is nothing new. He gives me absolute love. I have no doubt his feeling for me.

What are your husband's likes and dislikes?

In terms of...?


My husband is not forcy about anything. He likes everybody to be happy. He like to see things working right and done properly.

His dislikes are very few. He hates people pressing toothpaste from the middle of the tube, or leaving the taps on and other minor things like that. He is not forcy about food or the state of the house. Generally he is an easy going person.

What are his kinds of wears?

A nice pair of trouser and shirt. When he is going for an occasion, he is either on suit or native.

What is his philosophy of life?

You have to ask him. But what I know is that he is a fair man. He believes in fair play.