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The Beauty of the Moon

By Melanie Miller
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I will take a vine and lasso it to the moon, and give it to you as a token of my love.

The moon has much beauty within it- and this is the finest gift I can give to you, my sweet.

The moon has been around for eons and maybe many gods and goddesses live inside it.

This I do not know, all I know is it is lovely to behold and that the moon is very old.

The young at heart can even appreciate the candor of the moon, and the beauty it possesses,

within its' soul.
I know the moon will be a true friend to you, and it will shine on you, at times.

The moon is so wonderful and lovely, don't you think the moon smiles at you, at night?

Yes, it does and the moon is a God in a sense of the word, to many folks.

It isn't a joke, the moon invokes spirits within its core, and the moon will be here today,

and forever more!

the end...