Bimbo and son, Michael Olusegun
Bimbo and son, Michael Olusegun
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Tell us about your background, parents, schools attended and growing up.
My name is Bimbola Oshin-Ibironke, born thirty something years ago in Ondo town in Ondo State into a wonderful family of eight. I'm second to the last child of late Pa Olasanmi Theophilus and Madam Oshin. Growing up was quite interesting. I read Philosophy at the University of Lagos before going into acting.

Journey into the movie industry
I was introduced into acting by a friend of mine named Ronke.

How did you meet Ola Ibironke?
I met him on the Island in Lagos, at Ikoyi to be precise. We dated for three years before we agreed to settle down.

How did you feel when you discovered you were pregnant for Dudu Heritage?
Every woman will feel great and happy to know that she is pregnant for the person she loves. So it was not about being pregnant for Dudu Heritage, it is about being happy and fulfilled as a woman.

How many movies have you produced?
I have produced three namely, Eji Owuro, Owu Iya and Temi Yemi.

What's your lowest moment in life?
Don't have any.

If you have the opportunity of meeting God what will you ask from Him?
To bring back my late father to spend more years on earth so that he can keep my mummy's company the more, and they can both leave when they are above 100 years. I love them a lot.

What's your daily beauty routine?
I take two glasses of water and four spoons of pure honey.

What turns you on in people?
Honesty and cleanliness are the two basic elements that turn me on in people.

What turns you off?
I hate people who are dishonest.

Mention names of three people that mean so much to you in life.
They are my parents, my husband and my son.

Were you ever harassed sexually as an upcoming actress?
No. I was not and nobody can harass me in any form.

Which movie actually brought you to limelight?

Do you have any regret marrying Dudu Heritage?
No regret whatsoever.

Describe your marriage to Dudu Heritage

Who is your best friend?
Obviously, my husband.