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By Melanie Miller
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Here I sit, all myself in solitare,
and I wonder what life really means.
Is it full of agony and heartache?
Does life mean anything at all but tears and pain?
What can I perceive from life, what can I possibly gain,

from it all?
I sit here and bawl and think to myself that life has no meaning,

no real purpose.
But then a rainbow..I see through my yonder window,

and the pretty colors they possess and I think to myself,

life is not so bad I guess.
So I must be blessed in many ways, when I see golden leaves,

falling from the old oak tree, and feel the wind rustle gently through my locks,

and maybe after all, like is a blessing in disguise,

this much I do realize, that life is not always so sad,

life can make one glad.
Dispair in my heart should not always be here to stay,

as I know there shall be happier days.

The end...