By Niyi Tabiti
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Omotola Jolade-Ekehinde,one of Nigeria's top actresses,model and singer was also at the Hip Hop World Award last night and she enjoyed herself very well.Trust, her presence caused a stir as people fall over themselves to have a good glimpse of her. She came with two heavily armed security details that followed her. The too of them were dressed like Ninjas and they are heavily built. We don't know whether it was another way of leveraging her star status or her husband's way of checkmating the long list of male admirers falling over themselves for Omotola.

Could be just a way of protecting Omo Sexy as she is fondly called from robbery attcks and over zealous fans trying to 'tooooch' instead of just asking for autographs,politely?

We took this picture from the side so that you can have a good view of one of the 'Ninjas' that followed Omotola to the event. Lot of people appreciates 'Omo-Sexy's' short gown but her legs weren't sexy at all!
A female musician whispered to me that Omo-T should have gone for a long gown instead of showing off in those legsā€¦!