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What’ll you do if your daughter is pregnant for your houseboy? (2)

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I will lock him up for good-Omoni Oboli, actress

Oh! My goodness! I can't even imagine this! That is terrible!

First and foremost, I will lock him up for a very long time. I want to believe that it must have been a rape. No daughter raised by me will condescend so low as to do that.

Having said that, I don't believe in abortion, so she will have to give birth to the child and then I will probably send her abroad.

I don't pray for such-Sola Kosoko, actress

God forbid! That is a dicey one. I am not an advocate of abortion, so I won't encourage it in any way. Obviously, because of the fear of losing my child or risking her chances of ever having a child again, I will rather send her abroad and try my best to bring the boy up to her status.

Naturally, one may want to kill the boy, so that one won't see him again. But of what use will that be to my daughter? That is not a situation we pray for. The same situation happened to a very influential man whose daughter was in school in America at the time. But after it happened, the best the man could do was to send the boy abroad to start school afresh. Today, he is an engineer.

I won't deny him paternity of the baby-Vivian Ejike, actress, producer

(Laughs then screams) No matter what the situation might be, I don't support abortion, especially for one's daughter. I will encourage her to have the baby. I will give her my full support. If, after she's been delivered of the baby, she insists she still likes the boy, I will bring him up to status.

Mind you, such a thing might have occurred due to my failure as a mother, so I won't heap the blame on her. I will send the guy to school and assist him in the best way possible. But if they don't love each other, then, there will be total separation. Though I will not deny him paternity of the child, I will ensure that they both stay far apart.

I can only offer advice-Clarion Chukwura, actress

In the first place, I am not in the best position to answer this because I don't have a daughter.
You see, when it comes to the issue of children, they have their own decisions to make, most especially when that decision has to do with their lives. There is little you can do about that. So, you can only give them advice, but you cannot force them to do anything.
In this case, if she happens to be in love and sees what I cannot see, then, there is nothing I can do about it.

No comments-Michelle Dede, presenter

It is crazy and unimaginable! I don't think I want to comment on such a thing. Sincerely, I can't imagine it. No comments.