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The Bible-Fact or Fitcion?

Source: Melanie L. Miller
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Have you ever read the holy bible? Did you ever wonder if some of the stories in it are based on actual events, or was some of it fabricated? Some of the bible may be truth, but what about when it says, "Turn the other cheek?" And then it will say, "Eye for and Eye?" It seems to me that the bible contradicts itself somewhat.

What about when it says, "If any man desires another and is married, in so many words, and he put away his wife, for another- then he should divorce his wife and marry the woman he desires?" And then it will tell us that to not let any one put us under? It is as if the bible tells us one thang and then another.

They say that the holy bible is the truth, life and the way, but I am not so sure of this one.

I have been watching TV and it will tell us that Jesus, if you believe in him, had a wife and child, but then again Jesus supposedly never married. It is to my belief that he did indeed have a wife, although I can not go back in time and know this to be the honest truth.

What are your thoughts and feelings about the scriptures, and it was my theory that there are more pages written about the bible and I was correct in saying this as I recently found out there are other scrolls written and are in heaven. I talked to a friend about this whom is very religious, as I am not really, as am of the wiccan faith, and I said that thre are scrolls written we have never seen and she told me I was right!

Anyways, whatever you percieve and believe about the bible, you are entitled to feel this way, so is the bible, fact or fiction? You decide and be the judge of this one- no one can tell you how to feel, not even me.

I do think most of the bible is truth but feel there was never a giant that David murdered and I do not feel there woren't any dragons either. The bible I feel has some fables in its pages, stories one can say...and that some of the truth is combined with fiction, can you say that all the pages are truth..and the bible in Revelations, the last scriptures will tell us not to change the words of the bible for many plagues will befall you, in so many words, or close to this and then there are woman's bible, children's bilbe, student bible and what have which is truth and which one if false and then we are supposed to be in a world where there are false prophet's. Do you feel we have false prophets? If so, this is up to you, to feel and believe whatever you wish too.

I do not understand what some preachers mean and some preachers are good ones, but there may be some that are not accurate about what the bible truly is saying. We need to decide what is truth from fiction in our hearts, soul and mind. If you feel most of the bible is ficiton then this is your choice to feel this way.

I have met atheists, agnostics and religious folks and some feel there is not a god, and some feel that this Satan is a God of the earth, some feel Jesus is God and some feel that Jehovah is the only God..personally, I feel there are many gods and or goddesses and if one wishes to worship a deity of their choice then they have this god-given right to do so.

You do not have to become religious to believe in a god or goddess, you do not have to even read a bible, you do need to however listen to your heart- and only you can decide which god or goddess you prefer to praise and worship, if you do wish to worship a deity. You can thank the deity of your choice after each spell or prayer and this is a good thang to do, is to be thankful to a god or goddess. I myself worship other deities and prefer to be of the Wiccan-Faith as I personally believe there are many deities in the heavens and in this world

You can be thankful to the moon god or sun if you prefer too, or all that is around do not have to thank a certain goddess or a god, you can thank Mother Earth if you wish too, before you eat your meal.

I cast a spell for my new book to become published and 'Melanie's Witchy World' will be published soon- so my spell may have worked and I am thankful to this certain goddess for making my dreams come true!

All in all, thank whatever deity you so desire to, just be glad you're alive and that you have friends that surround you, or even if you have one friend, this is good as well. Try and be happy, follow your heart, do what is right, do not steal or lie on others, and you will be just fine in life. Take good care of yourself and this be honest to yourself, do not allow others to influence you to feel the way that they do- as you have your own mind, and your own thoughts. I hope my article was of some help to you dear friends.

take care!