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Source: Melanie L. Miller
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Remember the old time movies with Mickey Rooney and Judy Garland? They wore in movies together, and they wore and still are good movies to watch. seems that there is more violence and sexual content in today's shows. What about the good old days when there was no sexual activity in movies?

I would love to see more of the older movies made in the 40s to 60s as they wore very decent to view. If I lived in the 40s and 50s I imagine the good old movies was all I would of seen and watched...and even music back then was wholesome and decent. There was Hank Williams Sr. and Patsy Cline and Johnny Cash and many others. It is a crying shame that we do not have more music like this. But this is not the 40s to 60s any longer, and music just is not what it used to be.

Which would you prefer, the crime and violence in picture shows or wholesome shows and movies, and what about music? Would you much rather prefer the good old time music, country music or today's music? I personally feel the older music is better to the ears.

Lots of people may feel the same way that I do. I just do not enjoy a lot of today's' movies. Most of it is sex and violence and not to mention gross content, like spooky movies, with people mutilating others or zombie movies, I hate zombie movies. Some folks may enjoy such trash, but I do not!

Children today as well as teens think these kind of movies are fun to watch, not all of them mind you now, but many do go to the movies and see such garbage! Why not bring the old movies back so kids can watch them such as many adults do today. There are some shows on with old time shows, but in today's' society, there seems to be more gore and blood in them.

I never allowed my children to see such filth with violence and sexual content in the shows. They are grown ups now, and religious men so they may not watch them to this very date. I would love it if more parents enforced their children or young adults to steer clear of sexual content and violence as when they view this, they may think it is alright to just hit another and also have sexual intercourse at such a young age. I taught my sons to wait til they are married before engaging in sexual activity, and told them that violence is not the answer to solve any problems. To this date, they have never hit another person(s) and this is good they have not.

What is it about these scary movies that teens love to view so much. Here we have Friday the 13th and look at it's contents...would you now? It is violence and harming others. What do children and teens' think of all this let alone the parent(s)? Parents should monitor what their children and teens' view.

I have seen shows on TV, where there is too much blood, and these vampire movies, they are not something young teens or children should be watching either, but Hollywood still makes such disgusting shows. I used to watch them a long time ago, vampire movies, but decided as I got older, that it is not something to enjoy. Don't ask me why, I decided to stop viewing them, I just did and feel it is better to watch Golden Girls or Little House on the Prairie, as these are much more wholesome shows.

Now back to music, would you want your teens or children to listen to music with cuss words in it? There are many young and older artists that feel cursing and swearing is acceptable in toady's' society. Well to me it is not acceptable. I would much rather listen to wholesome music or church music on TV or even from the radio. I have friends that are musicians and whom do not swear in their music. I write my own music as well and do not feel the need to use cuss words in them.

All and all, it is really up to you, what type of music you wish to listen too and it is up to you, if you want your children or teenagers to listen too. I am not here to tell anyone that they have to feel the way that I do, I just want to point out that movies and music can be more entertaining to view, if there is no sexual content or nudity or violence in them, but this is your decision what you wish to watch. I would prefer the old time movies and music myself, but to each their own, I say. I hope my article will enlighten some people and I sincerely hope someone takes heed to my words, that children and teens' alike are not subjected to today's' movies with crime and violence and sexual content in them and that parents do enforce their kids to watch decent wholesome shows...but it is really up to the parent(s) what they want their kids to watch. Remember, if your children or teens watch sexual content or violence that they may think it is alright to do these things, this is what I wanted to point out. Thank you for taking the time to read my article folks!