By Niyi Tabiti
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Meryl, the Namibian girl who took part in the Big Brother Africa 2 is a reporter's delight anytime,anyday.Aside her good sense of humour,she is down to earth. She tells you that she hate pretence that is why she is 'real' anywhere she finds herself. “I am always me, I can't be somebody else”

In a chat with us at a movie location sponsored by Ifeayin Anago, Meryl disclosed that she is very comfortable with nude roles because she likes her body and sexuality. When we put the question to her on whether she could be so daring to take up a sex role in a movie, she said yes. According to her, it comes with the job and she would do it if her. “It comes with the job so I can do it. I am comfortable with my body. If you watch the BBA you will notice that I was walking nude. I didn't have sex but I kissed. I also smoke. When people asked my mother how could you have raised a child like that? She told them she was not aware I smoke until that time.

On her experience in the BBA, she told www.niyitabiti.blogspot.com that it was a wonderful experience. “I have been waiting to be a part of the BBA since I was 16, so going there is like dream fulfilled” she said.

On her love life, the 21 year old declared that she has no man in her life at the moment. She also confesses that a Nigerian guy is already wooing her since she came into the country. So far, the Namibian disclosed that she is having a nice time in Nigeria.

Meryl has watched a number of Nollywood movies she considered wonderful. Coming to Nigeria to take part in a movie with Nollywood stars is adding another feather to her acting career.

Assuring that the movie being promoted by Ifeayin Anago would be the best when finally released,Meryl disclosed that there are lots of crazy scenes, beautiful women and lessons to be learnt from the movie. The working title of the movie is Player Number 1.The likes of Ini Edo and Uche Jombo are also taking part in the movie.