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With Nollywood bad gal Empress Njamah, there can't be any dull moment. Believe it or not, she isn't one of those regular actresses, the run-of-the-mill hue. For instance, she does her thing her own way not really giving a damn. Business wise, she is into bridal make-ups and interior decoration.

But ever wondered where she was for a better part of last year? The Nollywood star was in Port Harcourt decorating a hotel. As if to say 'treasure begins at home', she allowed SAMUEL OLATUNJI a generous view of her well-decorated bedroom. She is curvy, sexy and daring.

Whichever way you want it, Empress promises to impress. If in doubt, check out her bedroom adventure.
Here, our man probes into her, like no one has ever done. And she responds like she'd never done before. This is for real!!!

What's up with you this year?
The year has just started and we are still trying to get our acts together. I'll probably have a Foundation, and so far so good. It's been ok!

Why is everybody jostling to have a Foundation?
My Foundation is not the kind you have in mind. I'm trying to come up with something (different). I don't want to talk much about it until I am ready to launch it.

How far do you hope to go in acting?
You know the jobs come and go. I just got off a set in Abuja. I worked with one of my favourite directors, Ndubusi Okon. Nonso Obi, Francis Duru, and others were on set. It is not 8 to 5 jobs. In acting, if you don't have it, you don't have it. And it is an industry where you learn everyday of your life. My best is yet to come.

Tell me the most memorable movie you've done?
It's yet to come. God willing, I'll be the one to produce it.

When you told me about bridal make-up last year, I never knew you were serious about it.
Like I told you, I love to play with colours. Take a look at my hair and my nails. I just have to add business touch to it. The reception has been very good. Anytime I look at my work, I smile. When I have big money I will go into it big time. Aside acting, I do bridal make-ups as well. You know it has to do with colours.

When are you going to pack out of your parents' house?
Obviously, you are not chasing me out of my parents' house. You're indirectly asking when I'll be going to my husband's house. I won't go and put a ring in a man's hand. When the time is ripe, it will come. At least I'm not yet old or gone grey hair. I'm still very hearty and young. If that guy comes I'll send you an invitation.

Why won't you marry one of the guys you've been dating?
That question is funny. What do you mean by all the guys I've been dating? That is putting words in my mouth. Now, you tell me the guys! You talk as if there is a trailer load of guys. Well, like I said, we would all eat the fruit.

When they said you were dating D'banj, you denied it. Now, talk of the town is that you're dating Timaya (Hip hop Singer). Would you also deny that?
I really don't have any comment on that right now.

Let me take that for yes. You always have comment for every answer, why don't you have one for this?
Presently, I don't have comment for that.

What is the attraction between the two of you?
You are putting words into my mouth. I do not have anything to say about that. My life must not be on the pages of newspapers. This is not what my fans want to know. I really don't want to discuss my relationship on pages of newspapers. The kind of headline I'm looking for is 'Empress is married' not 'she is dating this and tomorrow she is dating that'.

What qualities are you looking for in a man?
I don't want to customise or clone my husband. What I am looking for is a man who has chemistry for me. I am looking forward to having it all; as long as there is chemistry, we can build every other thing. It is all about understanding. I am not going to say I want a tall man; I may fall in love with a short man. If the attraction is there, we can make things work. I don't want to customise my man. I want a man whom God has ordained for me. I don't want to go in and out of marriage, I want to stay married till death do us part.

For how long have you been in Nollywood?
I would start counting from the first time I played a lead role. That was between 1999 and 2000. And the title of the movie is 'Girls Hostel'. I also did 'Diamond Ring' with Tade Ogidan, and that was way before 'Girls Hostel'.

How did you get the role in Girls Hostel?
I was called to a meeting where questions were thrown at me. I was given a script and was back the following day with my lines in my head. I was given the job. We shot in Aba and Port Harcourt. That was the first time I travelled.

Do you still dance?
Yes, but not like I used to. Like I said to you, I cut down on a lot of things but I can still move my body.
Do you still make something move between guys' legs when you wriggle your back side?
I don't know o!

You just bought a four-wheel drive (car), where did the money come from?
I am nobody's responsibility now, so the money came from my pocket. I bought it with my money.

Do you remember the first time you had a kiss?
I don't want to talk about that on the pages of newspapers.

Is it because you started too early or too late?
I can't remember!

I'm sure you would still remember this one: What about your first time in bed with a guy?
I don't want to talk about it!

What is the most adventurous thing you've ever done in bed with a guy?
The most adventurous thing I did was to take charge.

Won't that make a guy feel inferior?
It was an adventure. I probably would have to ask him about that.

How many times have you being unlucky with love?
I shouldn't be counting my losses; I should be counting my gains. If somebody is an ex, he is obviously not a plus.
So has love been fair?
For it to be a loss, it is obviously not fair.

Have you found genuine love before?
If it was that genuine I would probably have gone to the altar. When you see genuine love, you can tell.

What does taking charge in bed mean?
It means taking control. A pilot flies the plane and a driver drives the car. The same goes for a person who takes charge. You are supposed to be a virgin, so you have no business talking about this.

I am just curious. Ok, what does sex mean to you?
It is two consenting adults committing sin.

How often do you commit sin?
For all have sinned and come short of the glory of God. Sin is not something we can count. It is very difficult for one not to sin. We are all sinners and we sin everyday.

I am not that bad.
You are even committing sin now.

How? I am working.
You are looking at me lustfully, and that is sin. Bible says if you look at a woman lustfully you sin. So we sin everyday.

That's character assassination isn't it?
The thought of man itself is sin.

How many movies have you done this year?
This is my third movie.

That means you've made a lot this year.
I have so many things to do with money. I won't lie, the money is coming but it is not coming as it should. But whichever way it is, we thank God.

Toward the end of last year you were quiet. What happened?
I did not see anyone writing the names of noise makers. I wasn't quiet but I lay low. I was obviously seen but in places I wanted to be seen. Well, at some point in your life there are things you need to cut down on. I cut down on the clubbing, partying and events. I also did a lot of bridal make-ups and interior decorations.

How old is Empress?
I'm an adult, old enough to keep late nights.

What happens during those late nights?
The fact that I said I'm old enough to keep late night does not mean I keep late nights. For God's sake, I am over 18.

People say you are sexy, is that true?
I can't really tell what I look like. You know one man's food is another man's poison. Those who say I am sexy might have different opinions from yours.

What has a guy done to sweep you off your feet?
You know I'm an adventurous person; I'm not an everyday person. What would sweep another girl off her feet might not sweep me off mine. But little things might sweep me off my feet. I'm just a crazy person.

Do you still consider your eyes the sexiest part of your body?
Yes, my eyes are big and clear. I am also very good at talking with my eyes.

What would make you go to bed with a guy?
I don't know what you mean by go to bed. Most times when I'm lonely I go and sleep, with my brothers.

I'm not talking about your brothers, I mean other guys?
Brotherly love.

Not that! Borrowing your expression, what will make you commit sin with a consenting male adult?
Chemistry! I am not saying anything beyond that.

I hear you're planning to abroad? So where in particular?
I'm going to Berlin (Germany), Amsterdam (The Netherlands) and then UK before returning to Nigeria.

Is it for work or Holiday?
I want to celebrate myself.