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‘I love it modestly’----Okechukwu Ogunjiofor (a.k.a Paulo)

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Okechukwu Ogunjiofor (a.k.a Paulo) is a filmmaker, actor, writer and publisher. He has produced flicks such as Soweto — The BBC/NTA film on former apartheid regime of South Africa, and Mr. Johnson and Nneka, the Pretty Serpent. The Television College, Jos, graduate's determination to make a mark in the film industry, necessitated his partnership with Chief Kenneth Nnebue of NEK Video Links in 1992, which led to the production of the hugely successful film, Living In Bondage, and eventually the birth of the home video films. The award winning producer and president of The African Audio-Visual Awards (TAVA) tells DANIEL ANAZIA what fashion means to him.

What is fashion to you?

Fashion is an individual's seal of approval on his outward packaging. It is a representation of a person's frame of mind — emotions, character, attitude and mood — at a given time.

And your style?

I'm guided by some principles; dynamism (the occasion determines how I dress), simplicity (I believe style is determined by the wearer), comfort (I don't have to discomfort myself to prove a point. Doing otherwise will amount to spending the money you don't have to buy clothes you don't like to please people who hate you) and modesty (dressing in conformity of God's image).

Favourite colour

Black; it blends with other colours.

Favourite piece of clothing

Suit ensemble (Black or Navy blue)

Favourite designers

Gloria Kech (African designs) and Carlo Canneli (English).

How often do you change your wardrobe?

I am in the showbiz industry, so, I change or upgrade my wardrobe as often as possible. Though, they do not have to be very expensive; definitely they must be simple and varied.

What is on shopping list for the month?

This is December and you know what that means — Xmas, the month parents get things for their children and I have four of them — three in the secondary school and the last in the primary school.

What would you not be caught wearing?

Dread locks and earrings.

Favourite signature perfume

For the work place I wear Brut complete ensemble (body spray, roll-on and perfume). But for outings, I go on Givenchy NEO ensemble.

Favourite food

Eba with draw soup.


Integrity, trail blazing and breaking of new grounds for others to follow.


Lack of vision and dishonesty.

Body grooming and care

I make sure I sleep well at night and wake up early. I exercise my body for about 30 minutes a day to keep fit, except when I'm to keep an early morning appointment in the office. I do not use shaving powder because I can't stand the smell, so, I use razor blade.

What would you consider sexy in men and women?


Choice travel/holiday destination

I seldom rest, but when I really want to do that, I visit my parents in the village. I enjoy being close to nature; there you perceive the wild scent of the forests as you listen to birds sing.

What would you like to change in Nigeria, if given the opportunity?

People's mindset towards our leaders and our leaders mindset towards the led.