When it comes to watching television, delectable actress and Nollywood icon Joke Sylvia seems to have no rival. But then what else do you expect from a movie star of Joke's caliber? What better way to perfect her art if not regularly watching others, most especially her role models on the tube?
Hear her: “I love watching TV a lot, most especially movies involving other people.”

However, what many may not know about Joke is that she's particular about the medium from which she watches TV. According to her, “as a professional, I look out for TV with immense clarity and rich colour scheme. So I don't joke with the type of television set I choose to relax with.”

Speaking recently at her home in Lagos, Joke shared the thrills she has experienced by watching television on the LG Electronics Plasma Display Panel (PDP) TV's.

The popular actress, who owns an LG 42-inch Plasma TV (LG 42PG60), said: “Watching television on the LG plasma screen is a true thing of joy because of its crisp and clear pictures and the perfect sound quality.”

Describing the outlay of her home as one that is built along simple and a split-level design Joke said “the LG Plasma 42-inch TV allows her guests to enjoy television from any area of the home where they are stationed.
She explained further: “Whether at the bar, the sitting room or even at the dining area, we can all enjoy television the way it should be watched, clearly and with excellent picture quality.”

Mr. Tae Joon Park, General Manager, Digital Display Division of LG, affirmed this when he stated that the TV “makes colours richer and deeper; brighter, clearer and, generally natural.”
The 42-inch, LG 42PG60 Plasma TV, popularly referred to, as “The Pride of Black” is set apart by its immense capabilities and technological edge that enhances picture quality and display performance that transforms the way viewers watch television.

The key features of the television include exclusive 10,000:1 contrast ratio, XD Engine and 3 Combo filter fro crisp and clear pictures, a unique surround Max sound with an Automatic Volume Level (AVL) control as well as Picture-in-Picture (PIP) feature with HDM1/2 component inputs.

The XD Engine is LG's own image processing system, designed to enhance every aspect of how an on-screen image looks. It accurately adjusts the brightness, color and contrast for each and every frame of video. The result is the most natural looking images found on any TV. Dark colors are deeper, bright colors are more vivid and everything comes together in harmony.
Joke confirmed the capabilities when she talked about how engrossed Olu, her hubby and children get when watching football.

“The picture quality is so good and it has also been confirmed that the LG 42-inch Plasma Television is best for watching fast-moving pictures because high speed action is displayed flawlessly and colours are spot-on-accurate. For my family, it's almost as if they are living in the stadium watching the matches.

Whenever my mother comes around, she just sits in the sitting room to enjoy the television and naturally everyone gravitates towards her and enjoy a cozy family gathering, sharing jokes and just generally enjoying each other's company, whilst at the same time enjoying the LG Plasma TV,” Joke enthused.