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By Miss West Africa
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Madeleine Glatz from Cameroon is the superstars that scooped the Miss West Africa UK 2010 title in an extraordinary night of dancers, drummers and live Jazz music, hosted by celebrity Gina Yashere and Nicholas Boomting Brown, who kept the crowd laughing all day. With minor hic ups and delays on the day, the girls were fabulous and showed that no one dresses better than West Africans.

Due to the question of where Cameroon sits in Africa, the UK organisers never thought they will receive any applications. Little did they know the one Cameroonian that applied will continue on to win the Miss West Africa UK crown, and her name was Madeleine Glatz, a 23rd year old lady born in Cameroon, Douala. 1st runner up was Astride Costa, a beautiful and talented girl for Guinea Bissau, and 2nd runners up was Gambia's precious Teneesha Aiyeola.

Madeleine turned up to every rehearsal with the exception of one, and all activities set by the organisers, and was always on time. Madeleine did not expect to win. Her lack of confidence arose because she assumed her strong African features and look would not be embraced by the judges' final decision, and at 12.30am she was proven wrong. The results was a composure of the judges results of their performance on the day totalling to 250, the number of V.I.P. votes received contributing 1 point each, and a score given by the organisers out of 10 based on punctuality and attendances of pre events and rehearsals.

"I don't think our winners are random, God will always guide Miss West Africa, because every time that one person wins, everything makes sense as to why they won. We had lots of beautiful girls for Miss West Africa UK, judging by beauty alone you could never have decided on a winner." Nana Tamakloe, founder of Miss West Africa UK "As I missed the show due to my 'behind the scenes' involvement I was curious to watch the tapes later on to find out what happened on the stage for the judges to given Madeleine her points, until leaving a very messy hall, one of the Asian owners said to us 'The girl that won she is good, she was the first girl to have come in, and she was the only one that came on time', I then knew the crown went to the right pageant and all curiosity jumped out the window!"

The organiser felt every pageant had their qualities and a unique story that would have made an impact if they were to have won. In saying that they believe Madeleine's victory will have a big impact on the stereotypical analysis of beauty today, and encourage more people all over the world to recognise dark skin and afro hair as a high level of beauty. Madeleine was adopted to a French family at the age of 5 years and her mother passed away when she was only 8 years old. She intends to associate her charitable activities in the fields of homeless children and adoption. Madeleine is now set to be the second entrant for Miss West Africa International 2011, and what she does for West Africans in the UK will determine her chances of being Shireen Benjamin's successor, the current Miss West Africa International. The first entrant was Nina Enharbor from Nigeria, Miss West Africa Canada 2010.

The Miss West Africa UK organisers will like to thank their sponsors and supporters, Voice of Africa Radio, Spikes Make up, Zuizo Hair Salon, E-Look castings, Sweet Handz restaurant, Minc Models, Check Out Magazine and more.

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