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Special Angel

By Melanie Miller
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You are my special angel, and you're sent from the heavens' above.

You're full of sweet devotion for me and wonderous love.

I could never ask for a better sweet heart...and I feel for you from the very start.

You are my soul and my heart.
If you ever left my side- I would cry a river, so never leave me my special angel,

and always say you will love me forever more.
We wore destined to be together, you and I...
and to the blue yonder skies, we shall soar, and you and I will feel a magickal feeling,

that only others can only dream about.
I want to shout, aloud, how proud I am of you, and I want to love only one man-

and that is you.
You are my special angel, and I shall always care for you, and never long for another's touch

or embrace.
Stay with me my prince-and romance me into oblivian and take me into your manly arms, and kiss me

yet again.
You are more to me, then just a mere friend, you are my love- and I shall always cherish you, til we parish,

and enter heavens' door, and we will still be in love forever more!