By Alonge Michael
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Versatile actress, Thelma Nwosu is moving to the pinnacle of success in the movie industry as she features in an international movie entitled Red Soil. The international standard movie which has top Hollywood superstars such as Laurence Fishburne, Carlize Teron, Kinberley Ellise, Audery Tatou and others has chosen the beautiful Thelma and her counterpart, Chioma Chukwuka to act alongside these top Hollywood stars. Talking about actors whose versatility in the industry has earned them lots of respects the beautiful Thelma Nwosu will lead the pack. The scandal-free, Thelma Nwosu is not just an actor in Nollywood but a stakeholder who has been in existence before the advent of Nollywood.

Thelma Nwosu, a graduate of theatre Arts, we gathered is happy about the new development in her career for the international deal with the Hollywood. She's expected to play one of the lead roles as Vera Sams and the movie is expected to commence shooting in America, South Africa and Ghana very soon.

Meanwhile, Thelma and Chioma Chukwuka are really working very hard to deliver more than expectation in the purported movie, we learnt.