By ’Nonye Iwuagwu
Soul E and Ure
Soul E and Ure
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Soul E is one musician that has been in the news in recent times, for the wrong reasons: from marrying a much older woman, to his face-off with his record label, and to the 'problem' with his former pastor, Chris Okotie.

Soul E and his wife-cum-manager, Ure, are in the news again. Now the duo have floated their own church, Love Villa.

Speaking to Life and Beat recently, Ure said she and her husband had been ministers of God right from birth and they felt it was time they did what God had called them to do.

“Remember my husband is the son of an evangelist. He was born into a family of evangelists. He organised crusades with his father when he was little. That was even where his musical career developed.”

Ure denied the allegation that they started their own church because of the issues they had with their former pastor. “Spiritual things are not done that way. The calling is not something you can take upon yourself. However people perceive it, it is not important to us. We have found ourselves where we have always wanted to be and we are excited about it.

“I have always had it in me to start my own ministry right from the time I was in secondary school. I was even a chapel prefect then. While in the banking industry, my job couldn't allow me. But in 2005, I was ready to start and I went to my then pastor, Pastor Chris, who told me to hold on for a while.”

Ure contended that they already had many followers as, “people are trooping to know what these two crazy persons are doing. When they come, they get hooked.”

Ure was divorced before marrying a younger man, many would wonder if it is morally right for these lovebirds to 'float' their own church.

To that Ure said, “This is about my life and my happiness. I don't even think about people when I make decisions. If I had thought about people, I wouldn't have married my husband; I wouldn't have got into the ministry. The same person they think has nothing to offer them is the person that is changing their lives.”