By Adeola Balogun
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B ukky Wright is always quick to talk about the strong bond between her and her late mother. According to her, her mother was the greatest influence on her.
When Spectacles ran into the beautiful actress at a film location in Akure, Ondo State, during the week, she dwelt on this bond.

“We were close. You know how it is when you lose your better half; her death really devastated me. I am now an orphan. As the first born, I am now a mother to my siblings. To the glory of God, I am doing my best and I believe God will see me through. The load is quite heavy but I know that with God, I will be able to pull through,” she said.

Besides being an orphan, Wright is a single mother with two kids. So how is the actress coping as a single mother?

“It is just by the special grace of God, it is not easy,” she said.

At the location, Wright looked smashing in her flowery Ankara dress.

Coincidentally, she was playing the lead role as a widow of a wealthy businessman. When Spectacles asked her why she has stayed single in a society where men scramble for beautiful women, she laughed and said she had not seen the right person.

She said, “I have not found Mr Right. My dad is the only Mr Right I know. I have not found my own Mr Right, maybe that is why I am like this.” And to her, Mr Right is, “a God-fearing, fatherly, hardworking, loving, honest and, of course, good-looking man.” She described the collapse of her previous relationships as the will of God. “There was nothing I could do, the break ups were just the will of God. I don't think I was responsible for them,” she said.

She also would not accept the suggestion that her job, as an actress, impaired affected those relationships.

“I could be a lawyer and still be a single parent; I could be a doctor or a banker or anything and be a single parent. So, I don't see my job as a problem,” she said.

She became a bit combative when Spectacles suggested that her story could be a proof that actors and actresses don't make good homes.

“Haven't you seen doctors that are not married? Haven't we seen journalists that are single parents and not married? I can count about five or six, in fact, 10 single mothers, that are journalists. So what do you want to say about that?” she fired.

Wright said if marriage came her way she would be glad. If it didn't, she would not fret, she said.

“If it is the will of God that I get married again, I will. I know I am single but I am not searching. If it is the will of God for me to be married, fine.” Wright would not say whether she is into any serious relationship at the moment. “I just told you that I am single but not searching. I am happy within myself, that is all that matters. Whether I have a relationship or not, doesn't really matter, does it?” Scandals have dogged Wright's every step. She was in the papers recently when a seeming perfect relationship between her and a socialite, Bolaji Basia, broke down. Before the bubble burst, the two lovers had e v e n s t a r t ed and run a business together.

When Spectacles asked the light complexioned actress to comment on the scandal, she refused, saying she would not live in the past. Concerning scandals, she admitted to have had a fair share, but attributed these to the nature of her job.

“It is a price we pay for stardom. In the entertainment world, and as celebrities, our other name is scandal and there is nothing you can do about it. I don't feel good about scandals but there is nothing I can do about it. And since I have realised that I have decided to grow a thick skin to scandals. I have always said this, if you want to win a race, never you mind the opposition. My own opposition could be the scandals or anything. I have decided not to bother again because I have a race to win. I believe the sky is my beginning and I have not got close to it at all.” Even though she would not go into the details of her relationship with Basia, she confessed that the break up was a very devastating one.

“God is my manager, He manages all my crises. Of course, as a human being you would be devastated, but if you are focussed you won't mind the opposition.

I don't live in the past, I have moved on, I don't want to talk about Bolaji Basia and I.” Wright disagreed that marriage breakups are only peculiar to actors and actresses. She said it was not fair to stigmatise those in the arts because of their relationship troubles.

“There is no big deal in actors and actresses dating one another, it's no big deal. Don't doctors date doctors? When journalists get married today, don't they break up? That is the fact.

People get together and they break u p. Doctors, lawyers and, in fact, everybody get together and break up, it is not artistes alone. It has to do with compatibility.” Bukky Wright said she was not a proud person. However, she insisted that, given her stature in the movie industry, she deserved some respect.

She said, “I am not a proud person.

If you don't get close to people, you won't know who they are. At least, you can speak for me whether I am the proud person they always think I am. I am just myself, but it is left to people to believe whatever they want to believe. But what I want to point out is that instead of forming an opinion about people, they should try and get close to that person and draw their own conclusions. They shouldn't us what other people say.”