By Alonge Michael

One woman who has been making unprecedented success in the business aspect of Showbiz, an industry believed to be highly dominated by men folk in Nigeria is Bisi Aduke Shonibare. This graduate of Accounts from the University of Alabama, USA who also has a master's degree in Finance from the same university is not intimidated with the domineering forces in the marketing of works of arts as she has favourably competed with the existing big names in the industry.

What is the secret behind this? We inquired from the restless natured Bisi and she responded that God was the secret and that she was following the legacy left behind by his dad, Alhaji Kolawole Shonibare.
Inadvertently, Bisi just finds herself doing what she derives a lot of joy from, and ever since she has started threading in the show business, we learnt that, success has been her watch-word.

Despite all odds, Adebisi Shonibare, according to those who know her too well, believes in her dream and she's not only making frantic effort to attain the pinnacle of success like the international superstars like Oprah Winfrey who she regards as a mentor but to prove to the entire world that what a man can do a woman can also do it even better.

When asked what she foresees of future, she has this to say “future is very bright. I see myself becoming an Amazon in the entertainment industry. My competency goes beyond just marketing of films and movie alone, I am working on a project that a lot of our idle youths would benefit from. If you see our so called rich people, many of them never believed in a man in the street but with my project which would be unveiled very soon, a whole lot of them would benefit immensely from it. Not that I have money-making machine in the house or I have made such a huge sum of money to throw around but It's my own little way of giving back to the society that has made me. I have got people, friends and family who would not just play a pivotal role in this project but would be matrons and patrons to these less privileged persons as soon as the project is unveiled.” She concluded.