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Rukky Sanda is everything a man wants - sexy, hot and career-driven. She graduated few years ago from the Lagos State University (LASU) and has since pitched her tent in the English genre of Nollywood.

SAMUEL OLATUNJI recently met the star of 'Weeping Tiger' on movie set, and left wishing for more. Industry watchers have touted the Lagos indigene as the next big bang in Nollywood.

Here are excerpts from the encounter:

How did you start acting?

It all began in secondary school, when I participated in stage plays. From there, I think, the desire to go into big time acting started and today the rest is history.

You started out big time in 'Angel and the Beast' in 2004. Who introduced you into the industry?

I actually started in 2004, in Angel and the Beast. The movie was produced and directed by Sonny McDon. Well, I won't say I was introduced into acting as it were. It started when I met a girl who used to work at Chico Ejiro's office. I told her I'd love to act and they were about to shoot a movie then. So I was auditioned, and I got a role.

Who has been the most romantic actor you've paired with?

I think it will be Mike Enzuronye and Desmond Elliot.

You've been kissed and caressed in movies, what's the feeling like?

I see it as part of the job. If the scripts and director demand it why won't I do it? It is just a job. There is no special feeling. After that, I move on to the next job.

How daring can you be on a movie set?

I can be very daring but I have to draw the line between acting and my personality. I would go to such length as professionalism demands but I won't be careless. Also, it depends on the script. If it's what I can work with, I will go ahead with it.

You once said you could be a musician. Why aren't you pursuing that career path?

I don't have a good voice.

So far you've been scandal-free. What's the secret?

It is about branding. You have to be at the right place at the right time and most importantly, with the right people. I don't patronize places and people that can draw negative press.

You are seen as one of the fastest rising actresses around. How have you been able to achieve this?

Maybe it's due to hard work on my part. When you work hard, things will fall into place for you, as there is nothing in this life that comes easy. You only work for it to come to you.

Are you sure you are not getting these movie roles after a closed door sessions with producers?

Nothing is happening behind closed doors; it's just that I have been very lucky in the industry. Again, it's just that people I have done jobs with in the past recommend me for future jobs, so it's not that there is any hanky-panky going on somewhere. They know I am good, which has resulted in my being where I am today.

Have you ever been sexually harassed? Or, have you ever been asked to trade sex for a movie role?

Do I look like a desperate person? I am comfortable and I'm not desperate. It is when you appear desperate that they give you such ridiculous conditions. I have never experienced that anyway.

Tell us something about your boyfriend?

The much I can say is that he is just a normal person, a Nigerian and he is into business and has been there for me all the time.

How old are you, Rukky?

You want the whole world to know my age? Well, I am 26.

How much would you charge to go nude?

I can never go nude in any movie. We are people of culture in Nigeria and our culture does not welcome some things. Where are the actresses that have done it in the past? So, when I said earlier on that I could be daring, exposure wasn't what I was talking about. I am not wayward, and I won't want to create that impression.

What stands you out among Nigerian artistes?

Apart from the fact that I am confident, I also take my time in what I do; read my scripts well to understand the cast and everything that has to do with any movie role I am playing.

Are you still sexually active as you once told me?

Yes, I am sexually active like normal human beings but I am not a promiscuous person or a sex machine.

How far can you go with your man?

It is none of your business!

Is there a big deal answering the question?

I am entitled to my privacy, like you are too.

Do you fancy Ramsey Noah as an actor or sex symbol, because you once told me about your admiration for him?

He is a good actor, period! My boyfriend is a better sex symbol; I don't need another.

What are you up to this year?

As you can see, I'm on a movie set. I am doing a Christian movie with Emem, and Lancelot is directing it. This is my first movie this year.

What role are you playing?

I am a church member who wants to seduce her pastor. But the pastor refused to be seduced. I am acting alongside Desmond Elliot.

Is he kissing you?

I told you it is a Christian movie.

Don't Christians kiss?

Na you sabi!

So when are you getting married?

Not now, I need to work on my career.

Should we expect any new thing from you this year?

I am now writing scripts. I just finished one and I'm working on the second.

Are you producing your own movies?

Not now, I don't have that kind of money.

Would you act in Yoruba movies?

Why not? I'm a Yoruba lady, though I can't read in Yoruba. I learnt the scripts are written in English. Saheed Balogun spoke with me concerning a script last week. I'm still considering it. But I know I will act in Yoruba movies at the right time.