Celebrities reveal when they had their first kiss to OLAIDE ADEKUNLE

•Rotimi Martins a.k.a. Alariwo of Africa (Musician): I can't remember when I had my first kiss as I have always been a flirt. So I started kissing a long time ago. My happiest day in life was the day I met my wife and that was in 1996.

•Lola Alao (Actress/Producer): Ha, you want me to remember when I had the first kiss? It was many years ago when I was in the secondary school with my boyfriend then. My happiest day? I have two; my wedding day and the day I had my first baby.

•Olasunkanmi Omobolanle (Actor): If you are talking about when I had the first kiss, then, I think it was when I was nine years old and it was with a girlfriend. I can remember very well, her name is Zainab Ahmadu. My happiest day in life is the day I graduated from the Nigerian Military School, Zaria in 1999.

•Yomi Fash-Lanso (Actor Director): I can't remember when I had the first kiss. I have been in the business for a long time. I cannot even recall the year or with whom, all I know is that I have been kissing for years. My happiest day? I am always happy, so every moment of my life is my happiest time.

•Remi Martin (Actress/Producer): My first kiss was in 1980, it also led to my first time of having sex and the result is a daughter. It is funny, isn't it? My happiest day was when I built my first house.

•Omotanwa Balogun (Actress): The first kiss I had was when I was 19 years old with my boyfriend then, who is abroad now. I remember it was on my birthday, it was 28 January. The happiest day of my life was the day I was born and I have always been happy since then.