To Feel Free

By Melanie Miller

I gotta feel free, I gotta be me.
I seen the sunset in the east,
and feel the sand beneath my feet.
I feel free and alive, and that ain't no jive.
I feel alone, secluded but somehow I make it through,

the tough times, by myself.
I put my pride on my shelf and live life.
Dreams I have, that I like...I try and make come to life.

I want to be me, all the time and that is all anyone can ask of me.

I need to find solace in knowing someone still cares, and if they don't..

it is okay by I still feel like I am my own person.

I can go it alone, and sing my own happy song, and get along with my friends,

I have.
I feel I can worship the moon, the wind even or a rock, and still feel I am doing no wrong.

I like to dance under that pale moon light and take in its' glory and delight.

I feel free at last, and the last dance I had was with someone that loved me back.

I know, in my heart that one day, he will return to me, and we'll be in love, once again..

but for now, I gotta feel free, I gotta be me....