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Politics in Ebonyi State
In Ebonyi as you know, we only have one party on ground. That one party is PDP. Other parties exist. But it is just by signposts. You can't feel their presence in our various local government and wards. Even with the emergence of Dr Onu, as national chairman of All Nigeria Peoples Party, nothing has changed. And we don't expect anything to change. Things have remained the same in the ANPP. Their offices are empty. I don't think that anyone is even buying forms to contest for any elective position under ANPP or the All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA). Their party offices are just as empty as anything. Virtually every body in Ebonyi is in PDP. We are yet to know if there is any other party in the state.

2011: Onu is not a threat
When Onu emerged as the National Chairman of ANPP, I was waiting for something to happen. A change in the politics of the state. But nothing. The whole thing was just a rumour that things might change because of his emergence as National Chairman from the state. Up till now, there is no change. The ANPP is still as dead as anything. And all the people that they rumoured might be moving to ANPP, didn't move to anywhere. As we speak, they are still in PDP.

Onu's emergence as national chairman can not change anything. Don't forget that all his followers in the last election are now in PDP. I am in PDP, and I see all of them there. They are all now registered members of the PDP, his supporters even from his own local government, Ohaozara.

So, as we speak, there is no one left for him in the ANPP in his own local government. And you will see that will manifest in this 2011 elections and other subsequent elections, which is exactly what you will see. Onu cannot deliver his ward now as we speak. He can't.

His followers are settled in PDP .They can't move. Because they can't move into an empty house. No table, no chairs, they can't move. Things would even get worse for the ANPP in the coming election. And I am sure of that.

APGA /ANPP planned alliance to upstage PDP in Ebonyi

It is not possible. There is nobody in APGA. And Onu is just a man in the ANPP. It is just like gathering of two kindergarten kids and telling them, okay, two of you gang up and beat up your father. You know that would not be possible. They would just be pulling the father's leg, while the father will continue with what he is doing .So, they have no chance and they will have no chance.

Bickering in Ebonyi PDP
You know in a family there must be infighting, at one time or the other. It was just some kind of a group in Abuja, trying to undermine the government of Chief Martin Elechi. And they tried and failed. We met with the National Chairman; I was one of the major stakeholders that were asked to meet with him. We met. At the end of the day, we agreed that we were going to work together as a family and the issue was settled and trashed out. That was it. There is nothing like single division anymore. We also met with the National Vice Chairman of the zone, Barr. Olisa Metuh, and everything was settled. So, as we speak, the entire PDP in Ebonyi is one family. There is no single division or faction.

The state leadership of PDP
The problem with some people is that when they can't have their way, they give a dog a bad name in order to kill it. Dave Umahi is one chairman amongst the entire chairmen that I know, in Ebonyi and other places; he is a very transparent person. He is one chairman that will never take one naira from you. Instead, he will give you to assist you in doing whatsoever, you want to do. But most people don't consult him if they have any problem.

You have every right to go to your chairman, tell him this is your problem. Tell him, what you like and what you don't like about the party. I can tell you Dave Umahi will sit down and listen carefully and take action.