How Afam Okereke and Collin Martins cheated me – Bukky Ajayi

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Mentioning one of the ill-treatments that actors and actresses get from Nigerian film producers, veteran actress, Zainab Bukky-Ajayi recalled at a recent interview that Producer Sunny Collins and his director, Afam Okereke had refused to pay her artiste fee for the movie, Fine Things which was shot since February in Abuja. Bukky who narrated the ordeal with bitterness, recounted how she had to pay her flight to and fro Abuja. She said she has left the two men to God for judgement.

"Afam Okereke and Sunny Collins think that because they are in Enugu no body can touch them. But they forget that God can touch anybody where ever they are. If what any body could think of doing to a woman of my age is to '419', then let God be the judge. But I would like some one to help me ask them what I have done to them to deserve such ill-treatment. I paid my flight ticked to Abuja and back, it is sad indeed but I give thanks to God because at least I am still alive." She had said.