By Adaeze Amos
Shan George
Shan George
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Nollywood star, Shan George, has set the record straight by saying that even though she is single again, she is definitely not searching for a man. The star, who has gone from being an actress to a scriptwriter and producer, is currently featuring in a reality show tagged, 'T36'. She tells ADAEZE AMOS about the show. What is 'T36' all about?

It's my new project. T36 is a reality show. It's all about touring the 36 states of Nigeria, and bringing to bare some unknown tourist sites while celebrating the existing ones.

Can you define your style?

Simplicity defines my style. It is my watchword.

You seem to be happy most of the time even on the phone, many claim you are just faking to be cheerful?

I seldom allow things to disturb me much or weigh me down. So, I hardly have some dull moments.

Does that mean you hardly have a dull moment?

Well, I can vividly remember the one that happened of recent and that was when I invested my money on a movie production and nothing came out of it. That made me sad, naturally one ought to be sad about a big loss. That was the only sad moment of my life.

How about high moments of your life?

I'm one person that sees every moment of my life as high moments. I see every moment as memorable and high.

How does the drinking of alcohol and smoking help you to get excited?

I don't drink alcohol or smoke but most often, I feel higher than those under the influence of alcohol.

Why do people say you are not trendy or fashionable?

If you were to make a list of fashionable ladies in Nigeria, I don't think that my name will be seen on that list. But I try as much as possible to dress well and be comfortable in what I put on.

What determines your dress sense?

The occasion determines the kind of outfit I wear. I'm a casual person. I feel comfortable in casual outfits but what I don't like on me is a dress that has some flashy details like studs, stones and sequins. I take my time to remove them from my dress.

Who are some of the Nigerian women you admire?

The people I admire are those that dress well. For instance, I admire Senator Florence Ita-Giwa. She is my very good friend. I also admire Nike Oshinowo, who to me, has a sense of style. She is simple, elegant and stylish. There are some other women I admire that I may not remember for now.

What are some fashion accessories you consider vital?

I like all the accessories most women go for. Such accessories include jewellery, good shoes, belts, handbags and sunglasses. But my most cherished fashion item is a sunglass.

How do you relate with your fans?

I cope very well with my fans. I have no problem with them. I wave back at them whenever they see me on the street.