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Silver Rainbow and Silver Raindrops

By Melanie Miller
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Silver drops falling from the sky, makes me wonder why there is life on this earth.

Silver all around me now, and I am standing here, crying in the rain.

I want the silver rainbow to come out and play with me.

I love my rainbow, and it usually has many colours but sometimes it is silver,

just for me and very magical it is, and we talk to one another.

I love my friend, the rainbow and know that he will always be around.

It is like a spirit surrounding me, and smiling at me and laughing with me.

The silver specks on the leaves dance for me too, and smile at me, just as well.

I love the many trees, with their brilliant colours and they laugh and play together...

the rainbow and trees do.
I will wish for something grand to happen, such as meet a new love and or money to come my way..

but for now, I will play in the silver raindrops and feel the dew on the grass, and run my fingers through my hair,

as I take a picture in my mind, of the rainbow dancing just for me....