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Romance in the Moonlight

By Melanie Miller
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We romanced each other under that pale moon light and took a flight to the heavens above.

At first glance, we fell madly in love.
You wore my knight in shining armour and I was your princess.

Oh why can't we be lovers once more, and adore each other so much.

Only you have that tender smile, that sweet embrace, that soft touch.

You wore so caring towards me but now you have went far away, never to see your face again.

You wore my everything, and as we romanced one another under that moonlight, I knew right then and there,

that you wore the one for me and you knew then and there, that I was indeed the woman for you.

I know we shall always be in love my prince and I feel a special bond between us that will never fade.

And the winds will howl and the winds will sing their song just for us, and the moonlight will dance forever,

in the distance, and we will be lovers once more.
We will shine like those diamonds on the black blanket and the moon will shine it's smile down on us.

We will fall in love all over again, and smile at each other like we did long ago.

We shall love each other as if we have not seen each other in a long while and we have not seen one another...

in such a long while tis' true.
You will hold me in your arms yet again and touch my tresses and caress my soul with your tender love,

that I know you still feel inside your heart and soul.

We will be lovers yes, once again and find solace in knowing we belong to one another still.

You will be the stone and I will be the paper, and you will possess my spirit and I will be possessed by yours.

We will be two waterfalls and embrace each others soul.

We will be as one like two rainbows intertwined in sweet harmony and we will forever take each other's hand,

as if to understand one another.
So romance me in the echos of the night and take a magickal flight with me yet again.

the end...