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Govs Forum Mess: Sign of things to expect in 2011 Elections

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  When it was purported that Governors Akpabio, Suswan, Akala et al, carried a coup against a legitimate body they belong (Governors' Forum), I knew their action would meet a brick-wall. Now they should hide their heads in shame; their apology is just as a

matter of face-saving therefore should not be taken seriously. And to those governors who stood their grounds insisting that democracy must be adhered to, they should ensure no pretences.

Going back to those that attempted the failed coup; one was not surprised at the characters involved as most of them are dictators in their respective States. They are also looters of their State's commonwealth. How they were disgraced should be their portion (again) after the 2011 elections should they be illegally declared winners. Their 'wins' would be reversed against them as every vote must count. They have just set the pace for things to expect in the post 2011 elections. It beats one's imagination that persons who swore to uphold the rule of law and respect the democratic norms, are the ones continually flouting them.   

Agreed that Saraki declared his intention to vie for the Presidency of this nation, it was not enough reason for the rebels' behaviour therefore, the committee set up by the Governors Forum, headed by Governor Fashola should do their work diligently. One does not see how Saraki's aspiration conflicts his position as the Chairman of Governors Forum, therefore he needs to complete his remaining eight months.

The chairmanship of the Forum is not a full-time position that would conflict with his position as either a governor or a presidential hopeful. But if he decides to voluntarily resign, then so be it.

My advice to President Jonathan is that he should stop exhibiting intolerance to the oppositions as such showcases him as a dictator and this may count against his electoral fortunes come 2011 should he become the PDP presidential flag-bearer.  

Alhaji Garba Salem ,
298 Apapa Road ,