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Nadia seems to be missing in action. She has disappeared from our eyes. Her last known movie was American Boy with Van Vicker which was a very well thought and hilarious movie but where is she?
We surely know why but due to privacy, we cannot reveal the main reason.........well what we think is the main reason anyway.

We will give you three scenarios and you our members can make your own mind up.

1st Scenario:
Movie viewers have been complaining about Nadia's acting skills. Movies featuring Nadia are not being sold as much as they were before. A new light actress is said to be taking over Nadia's place in the movie industry and her first film is on the way.

2nd Scenario:

It is rumored that Nadia is dating a very rich Ghanaian guy. Not only is he famous in Ghana but around the world. The relationship is relatively new, so is on a hush hush!. Who needs petty acting money when you have a wealthy boyfriend right?........right!!

3rd Scenario:

Nadia's father has put a stop to his daughter's acting due to their religion. Although Nadia calls herself a Christian, her father is a Muslim.

So there you go, make your own mind up! Be creative!