Nollywood's dude, Desmond Eliot, and celebrated Eucharia Anunobi did Nollywood proud in a new movie called Black Night in South America which is due for premier at month end. The movie which was shot in Brazil seeks to correct misconceptions often held by some South Americans that Africa migrants are cheats and drug peddlers.

The instructive message in the new movie is that blacks who wish to seek green pastures in the South American countries, especially Brazil, should have it at the back of their mind that there abound enormous opportunities instead of indulging in drug peddling.Abel Success Erebe, who directed the movie, informed Life and Beats that the notion that South America is a place to make illegal money through drug and fraud is wrong. Erebe, who is resident in the South American country, warned those who wish to be adventurous through drug to be wary of the consequence awaiting them there. He advised them to watch out for what befalls Paul (Desmond Eliot) and Sussie (Eucharia Anunobi).
”Brazilians think all blacks must be drug peddlers and criminals. We want to create a different mindset that lot of Africans, especially Nigerians, do legitimate businesses to survive. We chose Brazil to do the movie being the largest South American country. We intend to subtitle the movie in Portuguese to cater for the large audience in Brazil and the continent in general,” he told Life and Beats.

In order to make a global appeal with it, producers of the flick plan to premiere it in major cities like Johannesburg, London, California and Brazilian cities. The movie was shot on HDV but blown up to 35mm wide screen to give it a unique cinematic effect.

Black Night in South America is a movie about drug dealers and the hard road to perdition they walk. The law eventually takes its course as Paul (Desmond Elliot) finds out when he takes that road.