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Residents of parts of Olodi Apapa, a community in Ajeromi-Ifelodun Local Government area of Lagos State, have called on the state governor, Mr. Babatunde Raji Fashola (SAN) to complete the reconstruction of an abandoned road in the area.

Those living in Kekerogun and Osho Drive, two streets in Olodi Apapa, said the governor should order contractors back to the site.

'Fashola has really tried for us here,' Tunde Adebayo, a resident, said. 'He has repaired some of our roads, making them drivable and accessible. Take Osho Drive and Wilmer. These are streets that were usually flooded whenever it rained. But now, it's a different case. Yes he has really tried but he left some other streets unattended to. And in others, the government abandoned the good project that it started.'

'When those contractors came, we were so glad that finally Fashola has remembered us. We saw them working on Wilmer Crescent, and from there, they moved further to Osho Drive, the one close to Wilmer. That was around June and July before the rainy season started. Since then they haven't come back to this area,' said Mrs. Rose Obiwuru, another resident.

'They were here in January to break down our shops, saying they wanted to repair the gutters and the road. But since then, they have not repaired anything. Please we want the government to come and complete the job.'

Emmanuel Eze, another aggrieved resident, said the area also lacks good power supply. 'Whenever the light comes up, it comes up most often around 12am or 1am and lasts for three or four hours.'

Ifeanyi Okeke, another resident in the area said everyone was excited when the project kicked off. 'But halfway into the project, everything stopped. They brought all the necessary materials and they started with Wilmer. They then moved to Osho Drive. We thought they were going to move over to our street, but they stopped and we never saw them again,' he said.

In every corner of the street, you could see piles of abandoned bricks. The bricks, according to some of the residents, have led to the blocking of the drainage system, which in turn, brings about flooding. According to them, some people now throw refuse inside the pile.

'Please we want the government to do something about this before things get worse. And leaving those bricks there is like a waste of public funds because it is doing no good to anybody, not to the government nor the society,' Okeke stated.