Is Patience Ozokwor really wicked?

By Adaeze Amos
Patience Ozokwor
Patience Ozokwor
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Patience Ozokwor, remember her? Her face is her identity. She is always given roles where she plays either a wicked mother or a wicked mother-in-law. She is so good in such roles that you think she is wicked real life. Hear her, ”I'm not wicked. I'm just acting. That's not me.”

She is right. Ozokwor is a very pleasant person. She has no airs. Have you met her one-on-one? Even when you are encountering her for the first time, she greets you well like a true African. Some other actresses might need to learn from her.

Ozokwor is not only a great actress, she is also a good dancer. You need to watch her dance. She is also into music and has released her own album.