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Fuji music act, Wasiu Alabi Pasuma, will be 40 years old on 27 November. He spoke with us about his life, the ongoing 'Celebrity Take 2' contest and other issues.

Q: You are are modelling and at the same time, a successful artiste. Now, do you have any intention to go into advertising or bill board modelling?

A: For now, I don't have any project of that nature at hand. I am currently working with Skye Bank but if in future they want me to be their model, no problem, I will think about it and then do it if I like. Why I am doing all these is to change the face of fuji music and take it to a higher level. The impression people have about fuji music is that it is meant for 'area boys' or those that constitute a nuisance in the society, but I want people to know that present-day fuji music is far better than that of yesteryears. This is to let them know that fuji music has come to stay.

Q: On 27 November, you will be 40 years old. How do you feel attaining the age and what's your plan about celebrating it?

A: I thank God, I feel happy and as they say, life begins at 40. I need to know what I am doing, even if I have always been conscious of myself. I also need to put more effort in everything I am doing now.

Q: What things do you intend to do now?

A: I am trying to have a project like Pasuma Wonder Football Academy because I love football very much and at the same time, I will like to have Pasuma Wonder Foundation, but we are still planning on that. It is just a way of giving back to the society the support it has given me over the years.

Q: Why not invest in music by floating a studio and other things?

A: Having a studio now is not my plan but what I am interested in is having a recording company which I am looking forward to.

Q: How soon are you going to establish the recording company?

A: This year has already gone but by the special grace of God, I want to believe that by next year, we should be able to achieve it.

Q: You are a very successful artiste but something is still missing in you. When do you intend to get married?

A: No problem, if you continue to ask me this question, I will continue to tell you that marriage is a lifetime project and not an institution anyone ought to jump into. I wouldn't like a situation whereby people will start reading either in the newspapers or magazines that Pasuma Wonder's marriage has crashed because I can cite examples of what has happened to past marriages of some people. I don't want mine to be like that because once I am in it, I want to continue to be there. But something is certain, I will find my missing rib.

Q: You once told me that you will get married when you clock 40?

A: Well, I am 40 already and any time from now, you will see things for yourself.

Q: What other plans do you have for yourself?

A: I have many plans for myself, but the most important one for now is getting a record label. I believe that it can make my work easier and more lucrative because all I will need to bother about is just look for a marketer.

Q: What plans do you have for your 40th birthday anniversary?

A: Because 27 November is a Tuesday, which coincides with the Celebrity Take 2 recording, I won't have the opportunity to celebrate on that day, but postpone the celebration till Saturday, 1 December and City People will package the show likely to take place at All Seasons Plaza, Agidingbi. I just want something different because it is not possible for a man to celebrate his 40th birthday anniversary twice. The celebration must be superlative. I am planning to get a live band and a disc jockey. The live band will be there for Mega 99, a juju musician.

Q: Recently, there was a controversy in fuji music fold. Has it been totally settled and what is the situation like?

A: The older fuji artistes have settled it and warned that there must be a stop to abusive words being hurled at each other. We have given them the respect and we also promised to avoid further controversy in the House of Fuji. Personally, I try to avoid such things because corporate organisations, knowing that one is controversial, will avoid giving you shows.

Q: What do we expect from your annual December album which will be due for release soon?

A: Definitely, my fans are expecting something bigger and they will soon get what will be totally different from what they are used to and God has always been on my side. I know that by His grace, I won't go astray.