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Angels in Heaven

By Melanie Miller
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Angels in heaven dance like fairies in love.
The harmonious music they play is for all to enjoy.

I love angels and love to see them dance for the King in heaven.

They are all so beautiful and I love the candor in all of them.

Angels are my dearest friends and they are a true God-send.

I will always cherish and treasure the angels that play a song just for me.

I love to hear them sing at times, and their words echo in my mind.

Angels are lovely tis' true and they are all so wonderful...and real.

They are not a figment of ones' imagination, as they truly exsist and are such sweet bliss.

I have never had a single kiss from an angel but if I did get a kiss on the cheek from one of them,'

I am sure it would be heaven devine.

the end...