Witch in the Night

By Melanie Miller

I see a witch flying on her broomstick.
She is searching for a house to haunt.
She finds one and begins to taunt unsuspecting souls.

She cackles in the night winds air,
and smiles at the ones that run out of their homes.

She is a wicked little witch and best not to cross her,

and dare not to even beckoning her to enter your dwelling.

She is callous and old and bold enough to haunt a castle,

or any place she finds suitable.

She is not someone I would want to cross and she plays the boss,

over many souls.

She may seem nice at times, but it is just a cover up!

She takes her silver cup in hand with a pentacle, and cast a spell.

She tosses bones, onto a grave and alive, they come to be!

She waves her magic wand and poof! just like that they turn into zombies and do her

every bidding.

The witch knows all too well how to conjure up a magic spell!

She is venomous and cruel and she ain't no body's fool!

I would like to be a witch one day but a good witch at that.

I can cast some spells and cast for good, not for cruel intentions.

A witch yes, I would love to be and fly in the night on my magical broom,

and cast good spells such as for fortune and fame in a goddesses' name,

and I would chant magickal words.

It may sound absurb but I think a witch would be a good thing to be...

if I was casting for only good deeds, and I would make money with my magic

and also bring true love, to come my way, but for now..I am just me, simple as that may be,

and I shall just read my magic occult books and not worry about the future or what it may hold and

someday, when I am gray and very old, I will be knowledgeable as the old witch I seen dancing,

in the night wind.

the end..