By Chioma Okezie-Okeh
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Fame has a way of messing up persons. But it is ironical that people who refuse wrong overtures are turned pawns by desperados in a bid to score their point.

The comedian with his cut in mimicking a drunk who also aptly calls himself Klint da Drunk is the man at the end of the game of a desperate teenage girl who has vowed the comedian must marry her either by hook or crook.

At the Surulere Police station, the young girl who perfected her art and went for the kill is telling the police how she deployed all the tricks in her bag, even acts bordering on criminality to ensure Da Drunk was caught in her overdose of infatuated intoxication.

But this time, Da Drunk refused drink and rather preferred to tell the police someone is after him with some lethal dose of drink, a type he loathes. Maybe he wanted to prove that he could be drunk, but not so much as to be cowed or stampeded into a relationship he does not want.

Da Drunk must marry me

At 15 her life would be complete if she gets married to a Nigerian comedian known as Klint da Drunk. But when she knew that the comedian is married and has no space another woman, she went for the do-or-die style. Sharon Uchendu at the Surulere police station stunned the police with her revelations on how so perfected her plan to make the comedian to marry her.

Sharon who lives at No. 12A Adonailana Street, Surulere, Lagos, recalled that her decision to marry the comedian started when she bumped into him at a fast food in Surulere. " He was a sight to behold" Excited, she raced across and begged him to give her his phone number. To satisfy this young fan of his, the comedian gave Sharon his number. Unknown to him, Sharon had a better plan for them but the comedian surprised her by introducing her to his wife." Sometimes I would call him and greet him, we would chat and he at a point introduced me to his wife whom I spoke with a long time and she advised me to take my studies seriously." Sharon became so close to the family as she visited them at will.

Fast kid

When Sharon who is currently an SS3 student of Hope Bay College, Orile Igamu noticed that all her effort to lure the comedian into dating her failed she went for plan B. She got herself a new sim card and started calling the comedian. Surprisingly, the unknown caller claimed to know the relationship between the comedian and Sharon. She warned him to stay away from Sharon or that she would drop dead in his house and he would have his career ruined. She went further to threaten the comedian that if he doesn't want such to happen he should marry her.


" I used my mother's number to call him. Threatening that he would be in trouble if he does not marry me." Scared the comedian reported the case at Surulere police station, which asked him to call back the number. When a call was put through, a lady known as Rose picked the phone and introduced her self as Sharon's mother. It was in the process that Sharon was picked up by the police investigating into the matter.

At the police station Sharon confessed that she had prayed for such a husband and thought she could achieve it by so doing. " I am sorry, I won't do it again."