Gupado Films Releases ‘Power Of The Gods’

By Daily Guide
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Gupado Film Productions, whose “royal battle movie” was described as one of the best movie projects is out again with “Power of the gods”.

The movie, which is in an uncommon blend of Ghanaian and Nigerian artistry, featured talented stars like Fiifi Coleman, Nonso Diobi (Nigeria), Jackie Appiah, Maureen Solomon (Nigeria), Kofi Adjorlolo and Emmanuel Anyalogu (Nigeria).

Also included in the cast is Kalsoum Sinare, who plays the role of an unrealistic wicked woman who for the love of her daughter (Jackie Appiah) maltreats her slave (Maureen Solomon), not to mention the least of other known and unknown faces including Martha of the “Next Movie Star” fame.

These artistes exhibited unusual acting prowess in this particular movie. The dual character of Jackie Appiah in interpreting her role as a young woman and later on as an old woman in the movie is commendable.

The story line is involving, showcasing the love of a mother which forces her to attempt to alter the fate of a simple innocent girl to favour her daughter to become the queen.

She visits a herbalist for spiritual guidance and is assured of the title of a queen.

Meanwhile, some of the other virgins in the village await the king's choice at the seasonal parade of virgins, during which the king chooses his wife by drinking from the calabash of the chosen one. But the question remains; Do the gods lie?

Who does the king eventually choose and why are his chiefs not in favor of his choice? The show goes on, and find out what happens next to this piece of epic movie that places young talents in the fore and the older ones in the rear as supporters.

The power of the gods is the only true story that corrects the wrong.

Only the chiefs know the story.
The only other person who knows the story is Addai, the entertainer of the late king who was also his confidant.

But can he compete with the powers that be? Will the secret in the story be revealed or will the village remain doomed?

By Linda Tenyah