Autumn Love

By Melanie Miller

We see the golden drops of sunshine dusted so lovely on the trees, and we feel the breeze in our locks,

and we take in the fresh air, it is like a breath of fresh air, to see the candor and beauty in all the surroundings.

We see the beach and realize how beautiful it is, to our amazement.

We hold hands and caress one anothers soul as we intertwine in ectasy devine.

We fall in love on an autumn day and feel the warmth of the sunshine basking down on us.

We see the glow on each others faces and we just know that autumn was the right month to fall in love.

Perhaps we shall marry on an autumn day and feel giddy inside and glow in our hearts and the embers of the candle,

that flickers in our souls will unite us as one someday, as man and wife.

We feel the birds will sing a tune and we shall hear harps playing in the wind, and we will descend into the heavens,

one sweet day.
We shall be lovers forever and ever more and will adore one another for always.

We go to the mountains and see the tallest of them smiling at us, and waving to us.

We imagine so many things we can do together, such as laugh and play in the dark, under the blanket of brilliant stars,

glistening for us alone.
We see the stones, and they fall one by one and land at our feet and we feel complete in our loving romance.

You are my last dance and we are so much in love, and we open that veil and feel a new destination for us, we are in a trance like feeling,

and every thing is so real for us, not surreal, but then again we imagine all the beauty around us laughing, dancing and singing just for us.

Everywhere we go, we see love and beauty surrounds us and we laugh together as we play in the sand of time.

We shall for always be mesmorized by one anothers love and caring.

We share a special bond between one can not be truly explained and we exchange hugs and sweet kisses in the gentle night,

and each time we do, we take a splenid and magickal flight to the heavens above and fall in love anew each and every time we do.

I love you and you love me endlessly and we shall be the best of friends and never bicker or fight and always feel we are on a magickal flight,

as we soar to the sky and we never tell each other lies.

We are forever in love just you and I.

the end...