PDP May Loose Kaduna and Akwa Ibom If.......

Source: huhuonline.com

The anti-zoning PDP governors have created their albatross. Rotation or zoning at all levels is in protection of the minorities. Where the incumbents insist on continuing, let

 the people's vote count. Because people's vote must count this time and therefore people would use their popular votes against any of those blood-thirsty looters of their commonwealth. Where it comes to majority, either through ethnicity or religion, the majority would carry the vote. The cases in point are typical situations in Kaduna and Akwa Ibom States. But this category of elected officers ironically, suddenly developed anti-zoning stance and that would be their albatross.

  For instance, in Akwa Ibom you have the majority in Ibibio ethnic group, except for few hirelings, the voters there would go for an Ibibio candidate. And even the present governor, an Annang, is alleged to be practising nepotism to an exclusive extent that most Abak axis of Annang is not happy with him. In Kaduna Sate, Governor Yakowa a Christian, who as a deputy governor took over the mantle when Sambo became Vice President, has said that 'Zoning can't stop me from contesting' ( The Punch Sept 3, 2010, page 42), but the Muslim votes would count against him. Akpabio and Yakowa's case have something in common: PDP stands to lose the States as majority would vote alternatives on ethnic or religion divides, respectively.

As a matter of fact in a timid democracy as presently obtained in Nigeria, at all levels, it would be 'majority carry the vote'. This situation has now given a new direction whereby political office holders who are seeking for elections must rush back to the drawing boards and seek for a better understanding with all their perceived oppositions otherwise should be ready to vacate office. Some the people affected have turned paper and emerging tigers that seem to be seriously buying journalists through cash and other inducements or/and intimidation. This time is their time to agonize because whether you rig to be a flag-bearer at any level, the actual voting by the masses would remain the ace.

Mr. Nwadi Okoro,
Wetheral Road,
Owerri, Imo State