By NBF News

Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) has condemned the Federal Government against frivolous and unreasonable spending for the country's Golden independence anniversary in face of abject poverty in the land.

NLC president, Comrade Abdulwahed Omar, said that though Nigeria has come a long way since independence, he insisted that the budget for the 50th independence anniversary was outrageous. 'Labour has advised that the government should cut down on the celebration budget.

'We believe that such an excesses should be curtailed in the present circumstance that our roads are in bad shape and great disaffection in the country,' he said.

He noted that rather than embarking on the path of wasteful spending, the 50 years anniversary should be for reflection.

'We should use the period to reflect on the past, see what we have achieved, where we have failed and project what we want the next 50 years to be,' he said. He lamented that there is little to celebrate as the social facilities and other amenities have further degenerated.

Omar insisted that the level of poverty has also deepened most Nigerians can hardly afford three square meals now.

The labour leader said the general manufacturers of the Nigeria system was a mirror of bad leadership. 'Workers are the main culprits here, every day we are turning out poorest, while those who call themselves our leaders are busy enriching themselves with public funds,' he said.

The labour leader however said that as government of the day had decided to make the celebration a big event, the workers as Nigerians would also share in the joy, but with a sense of deep reflection.