‘Me?... micro mini, no way!’ --Florence Onuma

Source: DANIEL ANAZIA - Nigeriafilms.com

SHE's been on the scene for quite a while, taking part in some movies and contributing to the growth of Nigerian film industry known as Nollywood. Florence Onuma, Flo, as she is popularly called, had her secondary education at Akabo Girls Secondary School, Owerri, before going to study Theatre Arts at the University of Jos, Plateau State. The Imo State-native took up acting as a career in 1994. And over the years, has taken part in film such as Lies of Destiny, Harbinger, Evil Men, The Apple, Christian Mother, Polygamy, Bond, Love You Forever, He-Goat, Sunrise and others. She tells DANIEL ANAZIA what fashion means to her.

What is your take on fashion?

It is being simple and sophisticated. I dress to look good and confident.

Favourite piece of clothing

Any outfit made with ankara.

Your most expensive fashion piece

A gold necklace, it is worth a fortune.

Favourite designers

Calvin Klein and Dorothy Perkins

What would you not be caught wearing?

A micro mini, yuck!

How often do you change your wardrobe?
Quite often.

Favourite colour

None. But I love bright colours because they flatter my complexion.

Favourite signature scent

I'm always cool with Elizabeth Arden's Provocative Woman and also, Calvin Klein's Euphoria Blossom. They have ecstatic and classy fragrances.

Secrets of your glowing skin or habits

Nothing spectacular, aside from the normal bath with the right body wash and the application of the right cream.

Favourite food

Just give me Afang soup and pounded yam.

What is on your shopping list for the month?

Getting some beautiful gowns, shoes and accessories.

Where would you consider as your choice holiday resort?
Sweden, for its natural serenity and beauty.

What would you like to change in Nigeria, if given the opportunity?

The mad quest for money, it is alarming, especially among youths.


I love God-fearing and straightforward people.


Desperados and liars.

Your sexy spots in both men and women

For the men, trendy and well blended masculine aura. And for my sisters, feminity with a touch of class, more like the aura of a Grecian goddess.