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At a time in his acting carrer, it was widely believed that, movie actor, Ernest Asuzu, was the playboy of Nollywood. At other times, he was the enfant terrible of Nigerian movies and his name was always mired in controversy. After two-year break from acting amid controversial circumstances, Asuzu says that he is now born-again.

This renewal is not in the Christian spiritual sense, but that of his inner mind. Henceforth, the actor told us, his thoughts and actions would be guided by God.

His priority is is how he will explore his talent as a musician. On top of that is his maiden album which he hopes to release soon.
Surprisingly, marriage is also on Asuzu's agenda and he said that he'll be tying the nuptial knot soon. As for his past, Asuzu says that it's by-gone. Rather than allow the past to hunt him, he sees it as mere distractions.

Coping with upcoming actors
There was a time I was like them. We all started like this. I see my presence here too as a way of carrying the young ones along too. That is they too need someone to look up to. Don't forget that I am not too used to stage drama, so I am trying to get used to it too. Apart from the experience I have gathered from home videos, I will still consider myself as an upcoming actor when it come to stage.

Break from the scene
I don't want to go back into the past. Like I said earlier, I will like to concentrate on the the other aspect of my life which is music. With God on my side, I'm sure I am going to get to my destination.

Forthcoming album ?
I have completed work on the album and it is going to be released any time from now. Music has always been my first love, and I have my own kind of music that I want to play. It is a message- oriented genre.

Music and movies
If you look at someone like Will Smith, you would observe that he is a musician as well as a music actor, so there is nothing wrong as long as he is carrying the two along successfully. So, I'm paying more attention to music now because I have not really carried it along as a career.

I'm behind time in Nollywood
That is not true, I don't really base my principle on what the people think. Instead, I concentrate on where I'm going.

I have a dream and as long as I'm working towards it, what people are saying or have said, does not really matter anymore. Like I've always said, its not what people say, but what God says that matters.

I'm done with the past
I am putting the past behind me. For now, the past can no longer play any major role in my present aspirations. If one has a destination in mind, the mind will not be at rest until you get to that destination. There are bound to be distrations no doubt, but I have a destination and until I get there, the past does not matter as the present and the future.

My dreams
I don't want to let the cat out of the bag now, but when the time comes, everybody will be carried along. At that time, I'm going to invite journalists for a press conference. I have attained a stage in my life that only God can give directions.

There are a couple of movies that I have acted in, but are not yet out. Like I mentioned, I'm concentrating on my music for now, but the movie invitations kept coming. One of the films is directed by Simisola Opeodu, the title is Hitler. The other one is entitled, Another name to a man, directed by Daniel Okunola.

I started with Another campus queen, by Hilda Dokubo. After that, I was in Rituals by Kenneth Nnebue. There is Evil spin, Effective Crime, State of emmergency, among others.

Greatest challenge on set
Every project that comes my way is challenging because I always put in my best. But there was this movie in which I featured that really brought out my person. The film is entitled: Silver Spoon. It tells the story of a young man from a wealthy home and has a strong passion for music. On the contrary, his father wants him to study Law. As a result of this difference, he fell out with his dad and he had to move out of his father's house for the ghetto. On getting to the ghetto, he realised that it was a totally different world. The film revealed the other side of life because there are many things happenings in the ghetto which many of us don't know about.

Playboy of Nollywood
I have never been a playboy, neither had I ever seen myself as one. But if you're talking about me being a born-again, yes!

Now, I put my life in God's hands and my dreams. But that does not mean that I don't make one or two mistakes once in a while. But by-and-large, I allow God to guide my footsteps these days.

Love life
Don't worry, I'm going to get married soon.