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Nollywood star, Oge Okoye, no doubt, is one of the actresses who brought glamour into the make believe industry called Nollywood in Nigeria. Her emergence as Sister Mary, a couple of years back in a flick, didn't just earn her lots of respect from her colleague. As Oge's name was on everybody's lips as at that time, the gossip city was hot with the her affair with a high-rate fraudster in Amsterdam. Shortly after this rumour, NFC gathered that, Oge who cared not whose horse is gored got pregnant for this same man who is alleged to have been married to a Dutch in Amsterdam. As God would have it, Oge delivered a bundle of joy, though, in absentia of her estranged husband.

People in the know who are so bitter about the affair of the two lovebirds informed this office that, Oge's husband was and still very much married to a Dutch whom she had a baby for before he met Oge.
Now at home-Nigeria, Oge's husband is said to have left Amsterdam for Nigeria, he now rollicks with Oge and their baby in Nigeria but the Dutch's baby who we learnt is a true replica of him has not been cared for in any way.

The gist flirting from Amsterdam to Nigeria is that, the Dutch has perfected all plans to sue the said Oge's husband for Bigamy as soon as he steps his feet into the country.

Meanwhile, Oge has been hiding the identity of her said husband from the public. Why? I knew you would ask, “so that the press would be able t o write anything about him or his name so as not to trace him by EFCC, Interpol or other authorities who frown at crime.

Tarry a while as I feed you other shady deals of Oge's hubby and his brother, Austin

By Alonge Michael.