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Nollywood actress Shan George has joined the fray of reality television producers as she begins a tour of Nigeria to choose the best Nigerian in T 36, a tourism based reality television show, which comprises of contestants, from every state of the nation.. Speaking with media people on her plans for the reality show, Shan says T36 will be a far cry from all the others we have seen in Nigeria since the issue became a fad. In her words, “ The contestants would take a tour around the nation's thirty-six states (including FCT) in eight weeks.

Their mission, as we go along, is to learn as much as possible the History, beliefs, and general way of life of the Nigeria people. The contestants would visit specific locations of Political, cultural, economic, and tourism relevance. At the end of a visit to each geopolitical zone, Contestants would be subjected to oral test, where two contestants with the lowest scores would be eliminated.

Organized by SHANDEL PRODUCTION an outfit that is run by Shan George herself, the show would kick-off in Lagos and end in Abuja for the grand finale after a complete tour of the six geo-political zones. The programme is designed to rekindle national consciousness and stir a whole new band of patriots to the Nigerian dream. The show will go a long way to prove the general Nigerian thought right. The thought that 'we are better together'.

The team's primary function is to amongst others, expose and celebrate known tourism locations as well as uncover the unknown ones. The team is made of thirty-six contestants and a complete technical crew. Asked how the organiser intended to select the contestants, Shan says, “we do that by random sampling and the rest you would know later because we don't want to pre-empt our competitors.”