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Beautiful, charming and down to earth actress Chika Ike Ebireri (popularly known as Chika Ike) has had a steady rising career in Nollywood. Her career has spanned four years and has churned out some very successful pictures which include Bless the Child, Everything we touch and Paradise. Recently, Chika Ike was among the Nollywood stars that appeared in Nollywood's first international release, playing a lead role in the movie 'Mirror of Beauty' along side Olu Jacobs, Mike Ezuronye, Ebere Okaro and Amechi Monagor. We were able to catch up with the ravishing Chika Ike to get a quick interview.

You have been acting for four years now, mixing an acting career with your education and recently with marriage, how have you been able to cope?

To be honest it has been very challenging, but I thank God that I am married to an understanding man and most importantly I am grateful to God for giving me the strength to carry on.

How has stardom treated you, in terms of fans and stuff?

Well it's been like a double edged sword, most of my fans have been wonderful and very appreciative, but some act funny at times…

How funny?

…On a particular day on my way to a movie location with a colleague of mine, some of my fans who where behaving like touts threatened us to give them money because they have been buying my movies. Some fans of mine intervened and put it all to a stop. Someone might take the situation as a joke but it was a horrible experience for me.

And what of your fans abroad?

In places like Italy, London and Paris the fans have been wonderful. I was actually at a friend's wedding in Italy, and immediately I entered the venue the wedding was disrupted. The people welcomed me and I felt good because people appreciate what I do. But at some point I had to escape from the wedding, because it was the bride's day and not mine.

You played a lead role in Mirror of Beauty, a Nigerian epic movie showing in global cinemas very soon. How does this make you feel?

I am very excited. The movie is actually centred on my character. And I thank the production house “ATLANTIC OVERSEAS” who put this together with the intention of taking nollywood to a greater height.

We understand that this project is being treated in the same vein with Hollywood movies?

Yes it is. It's opening in cinemas around the UK, and the promo has been running on BEN TV, radio stations in the UK and also on their promotion on bus panels around the UK. We would be in the U.K for the film's first showing on the 28th of September at Cine world illford and Odeon surrey Quays on the 29th of September. A one hour interview would be running on Ben TV.

So how long do you intend to promote the film and would the cast travel along with the film or it ends in the U.K?

The cast are travelling along to the UK, but I don't think it would be ending in the UK. But the details I have now are that we are promoting in the UK.

But wouldn't this keep you away from making other films? Doesn't this bother you?

Well right now I am committed to promoting this movie; this job would take me to the international scene so I am willing to pause for a while – if that is what it takes. I love what I do but I would have to make that sacrifice. I would definitely follow this through. I can't express myself in words but I'm really excited, I'm most grateful
to God and also to ATLANTIC OVERSEAS for making this a reality – I still can't believe this is happening – I just can't get overit.

What really does this mean for Nollywood and how did you get involved?

Well I would start of to say that Nigerian movies are the greatest export for Nigeria. This really is great for Nollywood, for the first time in history you have Nollywood pictures showing on international screens on 35mm. As for getting
involved, I received a call from the Producer, after auditions where over, and I got the role

So any reservations for children?

(Laughs) Of course I have, I have always wanted twins and just pray that God gives me twins first.

What are your last words to your fans?

I would just like to say a big thank you to my fans for been very supportive. And also I want them to believe in themselves, be hard working and put God first in what ever they do. And most importantly, I love them.