By NBF News

President of Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor, has blamed the continuous backwardness of the nation on too much talk but less action. 'We are a nation of talkers, we talk but we don't do and that is why we are the way we are.'

In his short sermon, Liberty for Greatness; at the National Christian Centre, to mark the end of celebration of Nigeria's 50th anniversary, the CAN president said, 'We hold conferences, workshops and seminars on what should be done and how it should be done, yet not done because we lack the conscience, the will and the spirit to do it. But in this year of jubilee, God will move us from a nation of talkers to doers,' he added.

Dwelling on the three causes of too much talk and little to show for it, he said it was lack of conscience that made political office-seekers to make fake and bogus promises.

On those seeking a second term in office, Oritsejafor said some of them, who had been given the chance before, did not do anything, but in the spirit of jubilee God has intervened because any man that would serve God must first of all serve men. He added that it was also lack of conscience that made gunmen kidnap 15 children in Aba on their way to school, demanding N40million as ransom.

Oritsejafor also said it was as a result of lack of will that leaders could see the suffering of the people and yet do nothing. According to him, the leaders needed divine empowerment to be able to do what is right. 'The emphasis is on doing. The moment we become a nation of doers, there is nothing else we cannot become. The potentials of greatness are in us; so, we must arise and do all the wonderful things we talk about,' he said. In his remark, President Goodluck Jonathan expressed gratitude to Christians, especially the elderly, who had been praying and fasting for the government to succeed, adding that this was encouraging .

He said it was at this period that many were offering prayer for the nation that enemies would work over time, like the incidence of the bomb explosion on October 1 when the nation marked her 50th anniversary celebrations.

'It is the work of the devil, but they will not die in vain. They have paid the supreme sacrifice to reveal the demons with beautiful names amongst us. We will unearth them,' he reiterated.

The president also thanked Nigerians for their orderliness and calmness despite the explosion, stating that it showed a new Nigeria. 'Nigerians have unanimously declared liberty on our land to move our nation forward. In this year, with the help of God, we shall be liberated.'